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faces is a powerful and flexible project management tool. It not only offers many extraordinary features like multiple resource balancing algorithms and multi scenario planing, but can also be easily extended and customized.




Related Projects


MyFaces is a family of projects related to the JavaServer Faces (JSF) specification published as part of the Java Community Process. The "core" project is an implementation of that specification. Other MyFaces projects implement related specifications (eg the Portlet Bridge), or add features to any JSF implementation (not just the Myfaces Core).


Match the smiley faces to complete 3 in a row. Comes with two modes of play, beat the timer and point rounds. The puzzle game is completely beta final and ready to play! A project of www.nighsoft.net

Apache Beehive - Simple object model on J2EE and Struts

Beehive makes J2EE programming easier by building a simple object model on J2EE and Struts

Startrinity.com Silverlight realtime multiple face and feature points detector

StarTrinity.com face detection project makes it easier for Silverlight, .NET, Windows Phone 7 developers to detect faces from any image. Facial tracking algorithm is based on Haar features and adaboost training. It is developed in C#

Inweo-face - inweo javascript framework

Inweo Face is an open source, community developed, Mootools based javascript user interface framework project under LGPL license, Inweo Face project aims to provide necessary tools to build accessible rich internet applications.

Myfaces-csi - MyFaces Component Set Integration

The objective of this project is to improve the integration of the available components in MyFaces, being incorporated the capacity to define skins or styles for define a look n feel of the components in a web page, making a wiki tutorial about using tiles for layout MyFaces components, and solving some previously raised topics in jira of MyFaces that contribute to improve integration between different components available in MyFaces.

Face-verification - This project describes the methods used for real time verification of a person i

The main goal of the project is to verify the identity of a person in front of a computer. The system has stored the signatures of several users of the computer and using a webcam will match the current user with the users already registered previously. In order to do that the system first detects the face of the person, extract the face signature and then perform the matching in the database of known users.

Fast-project - Face Authentication using Speed Fractal Technique (FAST)

We're working on a new method for face authentication. This method is based on fractals (Speed Fractal Technique). At this moment, we're programming a tool in Java language. We invite you to participate in this project if you're into this subject.

Face4j - Facebook Java API

face4j is a Java wrapper for the new Facebook graph API. It has support for oAuth 2.0. We have tried to make face4j as simple as possible. face4j is a work in progress and any contributions from you are welcome. Please feel free to contribute patches, tutorials, docs etc. Update: This project has been moved to github - http://github.com/nischal/face4j