Face Recognition

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Dear Friends this project deals with the appliaction of AI in Face Recognition by applying the concepts of Independent Component Analysis (generalised form of PCA) based upon the recently developed algorithm in 2001.




Related Projects

OpenBR - Open Source Biometric Recognition

OpenBR is a framework for investigating new modalities, improving existing algorithms, interfacing with commercial systems, measuring recognition performance, and deploying automated biometric systems. Off-the-shelf algorithms are also available for specific modalities including Face Recognition, Age Estimation, and Gender Estimation.

Name-tag-translator - Translate Picasa name tags into Flickr tags

Application will read Picasa ini files and translate face-recognition information into Flickr tags, either automagically or through a manual upload process. This project currently requires and includes: Nini, uncommonly powerful .NET configuration library released under MIT license: http://nini.sourceforge.net/license.php ExifLibrary for .NET released under Code Project Open License: http://www.codeproject.com/info/cpol10.aspx

Pyfaces - a face recognition system implemented in python

Pyfaces is written in python.It implements a face recognition technique that uses eigenfaces(M. Turk, A. Pentland).It needs PIL for handling images and numpy for the matrix calculations. A detailed description is given in http://pyfaces.blogspot.com/

Javafaces - face recognition system in java using eigenfaces

The system tries to match a given face image to a set of given face images using a number of eigenfaces .It implements the algorithm developed by M.Turk and Pentland.A build.xml is included in the archive.Unzip the archive to a directory and run ant. A number of targets are given in the build.xml to run the program using different images and different values for the number of eigenfaces to be used in face recognition. caveat: This project is not optimized for production use.It was done out of ac

Marleendetector - An Image Gallery Manager with face detection and recognition, written in Python.

The MarleenDetector is an Image Gallery Manager and with face detection and recognition modules. This project was originally started because of a narcissistic friend of mine (Marleen ;-)) and we wanted to filter out her photographs. But after a beer-powered brainstorming session I decided the project had much more potential and should do more than recognize faces... It should use time-stamps, GPS, fun statistics and a lot of other cool stuff so me and my friends could finally use it to categoris

Facein - A face recognition software

This project aims to log users in to their Linux OS with face recognition.

Face-recognition - CV project for the second module.

This is the project from the 2nd module for the CV and AI in UAB. It's basically about face recognition. We will also do some learning I guess. Lets see :)