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Facelift is a visualization and analysis software for online social networking services. It displays a given community as a node-link diagram and provides several search / filtering functions as well as cluster analysis features.




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PADNUG Site Redesign

Bringing the PADNUG web site up to current technologies and giving it a facelift.

Cocoatrek - Variation of the classic Star Trek mainframe game for Mac OS X

CocoaTrek is a version of the classic Star Trek text game given a facelift for Mac OS X. The latest version (0.2.1) is missing a few graphics but is perfectly playable. Leopard is required to play the game. For more info visit my blog: http://www.rollamonkey.com/blog

Pylast - a python interface to last.fm (and other api-compatible websites)

pyLastFeaturesSimple public interface. Access to all the data exposed by the Last.fm webservices. Scrobbling support. Full object-oriented design. Proxy support. Internal caching support for some webservices calls (disabled by default). No extra dependencies but python itself. Support for other API-compatible networks like Libre.fm Python3-friendly (Starting from 0.5). ...errr, what else?! Getting StartedHere's a very simple code example to get you started. In order to create any object from pyl

Uppercut - Conventional Automated Build for .NET

Project UppercuT"Professional builds in moments, not days!"UppercuT is a conventional automated build for .NET. UppercuT is the insanely easy to use build framework. Try it out right now!UppercuT now has a gem. This lowers the barrier to entry to start using it on a system. UppercuT is still .NET (it's just using gems for delivery as a new option in addition to source code and the downloads). Note: To use gems you must have Ruby 1.8.6+ and Gems 1.3.7+ installed. Open a command line and type gem

Howler - Howler is an MP3 player using the Adobe AIR runtime.

Howler is a simple MP3 player using the Adobe AIR runtime. Though it is in its early stages, my goal will to be enhance it into a fully functional yet lightweight music player. Howler is largely a learning exercise for me, so feel free to download the source code to supplement your own Actionscript learning (I have commented the code verbosely for that reason). Current Version: 0.5 Last Updated: 08/31/2008 Changes in v0.5: Added playlist drag/drop sound ordering. Added ability to remove sounds f

Aanet-usage-monitor - aaNet Usage Monitor (.NET)

aaNet Usage MonitorBackground aaNet is an Australian ISP. aaNet Usage Monitor is a small, free Windows application for users wishing to conveniently monitor monthly usage on their aaNet account. The usage monitor is independently developed and is in no way associated with aaNet Communications. The goal of the project is to provide a convenient, easy-to-use, feature-rich visualisation of data usage. The project language is C# 3.0. Requirements: Windows 7 or Vista (x86 or x64) Windows XP (requires

Facelift - Enyo Facelift

Enyo Facelift

facelift - Facelift Image Replacement (FLIR)

Facelift Image Replacement (FLIR)

smartclickr-redux - SmartClickr is getting a facelift

SmartClickr is getting a facelift

FaceLift - FaceLift project for ENGM 274 Fall 2012

FaceLift project for ENGM 274 Fall 2012

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