Freeware Advanced Audio Coder

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FAAC is an Advanced Audio Coder (MPEG2-AAC, MPEG4-AAC). The goal of FAAC is to explore the possibilities of AAC and exceed the quality of the currently best MP3 encoders.



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Batch Audio Convert

Command-line mass conversion of any directory tree of audio files.

Costura - Merges the dependencies of a project

The aim of this project is to provide an alternative to ILMerge. Simply add the weaving task to your project. See SetupEmbedTask Feel free to ping me on twitter HowItWorksEmbedTask Setup can be simplified by installing the Visual Studio package Tools and Products Used

M4baker - Bakes full featured m4b audiobooks

A simple tool for creating ipod-compatible, full-featured m4b-audiobooks. Based on SoX, faac and mp4v2.Features:make chapter markers add cover picture from various filetypes change and add metadata on the fly conversion batch mode support for many different input file types sort input files by filename or id3-tag (tracknumber) split audiobooks into parts automatically move chapters between audiobooks For the CLI mode please use version 0.1.2 since it was removed in 0.1.90. Distro PackagesFor a u

Flac2any - A set of Ruby scripts for converting flac audio files to anything else.

flac2any is written in simple Ruby scripts that can batch convert FLAC audio files to virtually anything else (e.g. MP3 via LAME, Ogg/Vorbis via oggenc, AAC via faac), keeping metadata along the way. It is as portable as Ruby, and it only requires that you have flac, metaflac, and the encoder you wish to use installed. Custom paths to the executables for said programs are easily specified by editting the configuration bit in the script. Note: flac2any is currently undergoing a conversion from Ru

Pymmc - Python Mobile Media Converter

PyMMC: Python Mobile Media Converter RequirementsPython 2.6 FFmpeg (compiled --with faac tag) libfaac libxvid This program is a simple program to demonstrate the ease of programming in the Python language. If you're just about to serious in Linux Rapid Application Development then I suggest you to use Python. PyMMC inspired by same software made by MIKSOFT with RealBASIC. But it's only support conversion to 3gp format (at least for now :D). PyMMC's work as a simple GUI to FFmpeg. I made this pro

Rvideo - Ruby video transcoding library

RVideoRVideo is a Ruby library inspects and processes video and audio files by providing an interface to free Unix tools like ffmpeg. InstallingInstallation is a little involved. First, install the gem: sudo gem install rvideoNext, install ffmpeg and (possibly) other related libraries. This is documented elsewhere on the web, and can be a headache. If you are on a Mac, the Macports build is reasonably good (though not perfect). Install with: sudo port install ffmpegOr, for a better build (recomm


Music CONVerter (MuConv) - GUI for the LAME (, OGG (, FAAC (, MPlayer ( for converting between most popular audio formats, volume normalizing, saving or automatically filling id3tags

Media-install - Make Your Live Easier with media-install

media-install is a one install (all media applications) solution. media-install Installs all these Programms unantended or customized FFmpeg libfaac libfaad libtheora libx264 vorbis-tools gpac xvid lame flvtool2 Missing a Programm then let me it know.. <<<<- Left is my email-address at Members:

Darkice - DarkIce is a live audio streamer.

1. What Is DarkIce?DarkIce is a live audio streamer. It records audio from an audio interface (e.g. sound card), encodes it and sends it to a streaming server. DarkIce can record from: OSS audio devices ALSA audio devices Solaris audio interface Jack sources uLaw audio input through a serial interface CoreAudio (branch darkice-macosx) PulseAudio sources DarkIce can encode in the following formats: mp3 - using the lame library mp2 - using the twolame library Ogg Vorbis AAC - using the faac librar