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F4L is an open source development environment like Macromedia Flash, a multi-platform format(swf/svg) widely used for web applications. its a BETA version which means no real ability to use for production.




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Orzlisp - a lisp interpreter implmention on ruby by ssword , just for study & fun

a lisp interpreter implmention on ruby by ssword , just for study & fun example: (define putlist (lambda (l) \t(map puts l)))(puts "-----------map------------")(define map (lambda (f l) \t(if (is_null? l)\t \tnull\t\t(cons (f (car l)) (map f (cdr l)))\t )))(putlist (map (lambda (x) (+ x 5)) (list 1 2 3 4))) (puts "-------------fib----------")(define fac (lambda (n) \t(if (= n 0)\t 1\t (* n (fac (- n 1))))))(puts (fac 5))(puts "----------times-------------")(define times (lambda (g n)\t(if (= 0 n

Nsplit - Erlang mapping function library splitting a job to n-process concurrent execution

Project URL movedSee http://github.com/jj1bdx/nsplit for the new project page. What is nsplit and npmap?nsplit is a n-process parallel/concurrent mapping function library based on Erlang/OTP rpc:async_call/4 function. The module has an external function: npmap(N, F, L): spawn N processes to lists:map(F, L) The npmap/3 function is also available as an independent module npmap.erl from nsplit-0.4. deprecated functionsThe module has two deprecated external functions: list_nsplit(N, L): splits a lis

Osgboostpython - boost.python bindings for OpenSceneGraph

boost.python bindings for OpenSceneGraph. Hand-written to hopefully be more optimized, and also to be able to offer a more python-esque view of the OSG data structures. See the README.txt file in the sources for how to build and use the wrappers. They are still very much a work in progress, but basic things work well. For example, we can translate osg::createTexturedQuadGeometry() which is in src/osg/Geometry.cpp almost literally to Python: # As a test of the capacity to create osg::Geometry thr

C-lang-digital-filter-optimization - This is a Java application that helps you convert digital filte

This is a Java NetBeans application that converts digital filters from floating-point to fixed-point. The following conditions must be met: Filter structure: Direct-Form I Coefficients must be constant The interval of the filter input must be known a priori NOTE: The source and the executable file will be available in short time. Published/presented materialAdvances in Electrical and Computer Engineering > Digital filter optimization for C language (BARLEANU, A., BAITOIU, V., STAN, A.) DOI: 10.4

Forklabs-jai-operators - More JAI operators

forklabs >> forklabs-jai-operators The forklabs-jai-operators open source project provides additional operators for the Java Advanced Imaging (JAI) core library. IntroductionGetting StartedOperatorsapplytocollectionautorescaledft and idftimagefunctionkmeansmediancollectionperiodicshiftpipelineprecisionandrecallspectralfilterspectralhomomorphicunaryfunctionUtility ClassesImageFunction3DParameterBlockUtilRasterAdapterSpectralFilter2D and SpectralFilter3DDownloadSourceDependenciesBibliography Intro

Log4j-databaseappender - Database appender for log4j which escapes special chars automatically and w

Database appender for log4j which escapes special chars automatically and writes stacktrace. An example of log4j: log4j.rootCategory=INFO,database log4j.appender.database.driver=com.mysql.jdbc.Driverlog4j.appender.database=com.codeforces.log4j.databaseappender.DatabaseAppenderlog4j.appender.database.URL=jdbc:mysql://localhost:3306/logslog4j.appender.database.user=???log4j.appender.database.password=???log4j.appender.database.sql=INSERT INTO LogEntry (component, creationTime, logger, \\priority,

Python-lattice - Python library to operate elements of a finite lattice

A finite lattice is an algebraic structure in which any two elements have a unique supremum and an infimum. More info at the wikipedia page. There is no limitation in the element class (supports unhashable types) and a Hasse diagram can be created. Comments of any kind are welcome. Usage and Example 1Given the power set of { x, y, z } partially ordered by inclusion. In this case, the join and meet operation is the union and intersection between sets, respectively. >>> powerset=[set(),set(['x']),

Fluidphpframework - FLUID est un framework PHP permettant la réalisation de site web clé en main a

FLUID est un framework PHP permettant la réalisation de sites simples ou très complexes, accompagné d'un back-office personnalisable. Je suis à la recherche de développeurs, intégrateurs et toute personne souhaitant participer à ce projet (documentation, design, développement, ...). N'HESITEZ PAS A ME CONTACTER Techniquement, FLUID est écrit en PHP5 objet et utilise le moteur de base de données MySQL. Le serveur doit permettre la gestion des images via GD2. La version de base (NON FINA

Epgwidget - A Mac OS X Dashboard widget capable of displaying an Electronic Program Guide (EPG)

EPG tv-widgetEPG-widgeten visar tvtablåer i Dashboard. EPG-widgeten är efterföljaren till Xmltv-widgeten. Välj tablåer fritt bland de tillgängliga kanalerna från tv.swedb.se, och kombinera dessa med personliga filmbetyg från filmtipset.se. Nuvarande funktionalitetVälj fritt från alla de kanaler som finns att tillgå från tv.swedb.se. Inget medlemskap behövs för att välja vilka kanaler du vill ha. Medlemmar på Filmtipset.se kan automatiskt få personliga filmbetyg på de filmer som