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Web helpdesk with quot;expert-systemquot; diagnosis. Designed for flexibility and rapid, accurate entry of requests.




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Flister - fLister

W trakcie tworzenia nowa wersja 3.0.0 Funkcje: - Listowanie plików. - Geshi (kolorowanie składni) - rewrite url - Flash player dla .mp3/.flv - Templaty Najnowsza wersja 2.4.1

J2memetronome - J2ME Metronome - A Powerful metronome to J2ME devices

Moved to GithubJ2ME Metronome at Github ENGLISH A Powerful metronome to J2ME devices. Notes version 2.0 For now we support only Sony Ericsson. Nokia devices have a bad perfomance with native synthesizer. Supported devices J2ME Metronome have three different versions: Midsized (128X160) Luxury (176X220) QVGA (240X320) J2ME Metronome Midsized Edition is avaliable to Sony Ericsson devices: Sony Ericsson F500i Sony Ericsson K310i Sony Ericsson K320i Sony Ericsson K320i Sony Ericsson K320i Sony Erics

Sprs - School Parents Relations System

Projekt mający dwa cele: 1. Zapewnienie stałego dostępu do informacji o planie zajęć i ocenach dla rodziców uczniów 2. Ułatwienie planowania zajęć oraz tworzenia raportów wyników nauczania. Dodatkowym miejscem dyskusji o projekcie jest : http://pcpomoc.infolan.net.pl/viewtopic.php?f=12&t=13

Emus-encryption-tool - Emu's Encryption Tool is a java app and library to encrypt and decrypt da

Emu's Encryption ToolReadme1. Whats this tool about?Emu's Encryption Tool is an application that encrypts text using polyalphabetic methods used in the middle ages. Because there are no mathematical functions or formulas the encrypted texts can't be cracked using bruteforce attacks or other password cracking methods used in IT security. The texts are encrypted with random codes and fixed passwords but can also be used as an One-Time-Pad (OTP) which uses extreme long random passwords and codes an

J2dbparser - Data-processor inspired by .NET's LogParser

The goal of this project is to use SQL queries in processing data.It will support resources like log4j's log, xml, excel, Java source, SQL source, etc.Coding Horror: Microsoft LogParserIntroductionversion 0.0.3 only supports log files(using regular expressions) parse file based on rules and insert it into hsqldb usage: parser [-f <filename>] [-r <ruleName>] [-v] -f,--file <filename> file to process -r,--rule <ruleName> name of section in rules.ini -v,--version version of applicationparse file ba

Itext-extensions-smart-table - An easy-to-use table component when building PDF documents with iText

IntroductionThe table is an common element of business documents (ex. Statement / report). But building tables in iText is not an easy job, it's complex, so after the overall analysis, we summarize and simplified the needs of the most frequently requirement. I call it Smart Table. Examplesone 2x3 tableWriter w = new Writer("table1.pdf", PageSize.A4, "C:\\\\WINDOWS\\\\Fonts\\\\msjh.ttf", "C:\\\\WINDOWS\\\\Fonts\\\\consola.ttf");Position p = new Position(10, 10, 200, 800);SmartTable t = new SmartT

Izi-reps-reloaded - IZI-Reps is a PHP-Code for sharing and analyzing Warcraft 3 Replay-Files

This project's goal is to enhance and improve the existing but also outdated izi-reps Script by "S0k4R / CoW.GuMMi". Following features should be added: - include the latest version of "W3G-Parser" by Julas Gonera (URL: http://w3rep.sourceforge.net/) - Categories to navigate (multilevel hierarchy) - Filter Replays by WC3-Version - Tagging? Although this project's license is labeled as "GNU GPL v3" it is not allowed by the original authors, to use this for commercial issues. Here's the full germa

Blakehash-php - BLAKE Hash extension for PHP

BLAKE Hash extension for PHPThe BLAKE Hash is one of the five finalist algorithms that participates in the NIST SHA-3 competition. This hash functions is based on the HAIFA structure and the ChaCha core function. The algorithm was designed by Jean-Philippe Aumasson, Luca Henzen, Willi Meier and Raphael C.-W. Phan. There are four instances of the function, the first two, BLAKE224 and BLAKE256 work with 32-bit words and they have an output of 28 and 32 bytes respectively. The other two, BLAKE384 a

Xinstore - browser local storage library, wrap for localstorage, flash share object, ie user data, c

Something you need to know:1. Why we put our code in xinstore.ready? Becuase it takes some time to load flash into your browser, only after the flash is loaded and initialized, you can use xinstore to save your data. So put it in xinstore.ready or make sure the flash it correctly loaded. 2. Are there some restrict to use xinstore.init? Yes, becuase loading flash require document.body, so make sure you call xinstore.init after the document.body is loaded. You can do it by write xinstore.init in b

Agenda2pdf - Generate an agenda file in .pdf format

IntroductionThis program generates a book agenda file in PDF format, ready to be printed or to be loaded on a ebook reader. You can choose among different sections. Each section have pdf links to other parts of the agenda. I've created it for using with my iLiad eBook reader. Btw, I recommend using with ipdf gmt's for editing version. Released under GNU Public License v3 or later. Two screenshots of sample pages: - week page, landscape (option W) - day page, vertical (option d) You can download