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Related Projects

Pycontrol2 - a python module for using F5 Networks iControl API

PyControl2 is the predecessor of the short lived PyControl project. The latter module was only available on devcentral.f5.com.

Pyf - Interactive fiction authoring in Python

> x pyfPyF is a cross-platform interactive fiction development library for Python. It aims to make writing interactive fiction easy and efficient without a need to learn a specialized IF language. PyF uses XML to model the game world but allows the actual game logic to be written in pure Python. This separation of logic and actual game content aims to improve the workflow of writers and programmers alike. > take pyfIntroduction to PyF Download PyF Learn PyF December 2nd 2009Working on the docume

Dkbits - Random little scripts I use to do things, that help with various tasks

Some of these are trivial, here for reference, some are more involved. They help me, hopefully they will help you. apachectl.pyA cute little icon to enable/disable apache and database (mysql/postgres). I disable those from init startup like this: sudo update-rc.d -f apache2 removesudo update-rc.d -f mysql removesudo update-rc.d -f postgresql-8.3 removeThen I add apachectl.py to my xubuntu startup programs. This makes it so I can just start it when I need it, with a simple little icon. volume_con

Findmyhash - Python script to crack hashes using online services

findmyhash.pyfindmyhash.py try to crack different types of hashes using free online services. NOTE: findmyhash.py 2.0 is coming!! The new version will have many changes and improvements. Some of these changes are: Empty hashes recognition Multi-thread analysis Algorithm recognition from the hash value Pause and Resume options Save the results into a file If you have some suggestion you would like to see in the new version, email us or use the "Issues" tab. findmyhash.py 1.1.2 Usagepython findmyh

Pyiiasmh - A cross-platform WiiRd ASM Helper Tool coded in Python.

PyiiASMH is a cross-platform WiiRd helper tool that is designed to help users with making WiiRd ready ASM codes. This application supports assembling powerpc opcodes into WiiRd codes using any of the WiiRd ASM codetypes (C0, C2/D2, and F2/F4), or you can assemble them into raw hex. Disassembling of WiiRd codes or raw hex into PPC assembly opcodes is also supported. PyiiASMH is coded in Python. The GUI is coded in Qt, using either the PySide or PyQt (depending on which is installed, or PySide if

Vimpdb - Integrated Python debugging within Vim

Tired of debugging Python using print statements? Don't like the cumbersome PDB (Python debugger) console? Prefer using Vim for coding your Python programs? VimPdb is the solution - allows debugging Python in an IDE-fashion, right within the Vim editor. Features:Highlighting of currently debugged line and breakpoint lines. F5 - Run/continue running. F2 - Toggle breakpoint at current line Ctrl-F2 / Shift-F2 - Toggle conditional/temporary breakpoint. F7 / F8 - Step into/over F12 - Print stack trac

Gupicasa - Upload images to Picasa GUI for Linux using PyGtk.

DescriptionMuch weaker than F-Spot. Focused on simple uploading photos to Picasa-Web in Linux. Supports local editing of: Orientation Scaling Time stamps Text Summary Requires PyGtk. python-gdata module. Either by packaged by distribution (for example: by Ubuntu's python-gdata) or manually installed from Google's gdata. pyexiv2 - version 0.2.0 or later. For Ubuntu-Lucid a .deb package is available.

Feupyload - Python script to upload files to feupload.fe.up.pt

This script requires Python 2.5 or Python 2.6 and mechanize. How to use this scriptFor example rolando@main-computer:~$ python feupyload.py -f ~/prog.png -u ei08150Por favor insira a password: http://feupload.fe.up.pt/get/DmXdopI0XmbnyXlrolando@main-computer:~$If you don't want the script to ask for the password when it's running, use the -p flag. rolando@main-computer:~$ python feupyload.py -f ~/prog.png -u ei08150 -p XXXXXXXXXIf you think the URL given by feupyload it's big, then compress it:

Led-matrix-tools - LED Matrix Tools

SparkFun LED matrix tools to draw text across the matrix. Requirements: Python wxPython pySerial I use wxPython to get pixel representations of text. This is quite useful on it's own and is offered as a separate package (text2pixels.py). $ ./text2pixels.py --helpUsage: text2pixels.py [options] Text Text can have \\u1234 style unicode escapes as well.Options: -h, --help show this help message and exit -s FSIZE, --size=FSIZE Font size to use in pixels -b, --bold Use bold version -i, --italics Use

Elasticwulf - ElasticWulf: Beowulf cluster run on Amazon EC2

The ElasticWulf project consists of Python command line tools to launch and configure a beowulf cluster on Amazon EC2. We also include AMI build scripts for master and worker nodes based on x64 Fedora Core 6 instances. The final machine images are publicly available on Amazon: IMAGE ami-e813f681 datawrangling-images/FC6×64-ec2wulf-master.manifest.xml IMAGE ami-eb13f682 datawrangling-images/FC6×64-ec2wulf-worker.manifest.xml The Python cluster management code should be uploaded the Monday after