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f2matlab is a fortran90 to Matlab code converter written in Matlab. It accepts fortran90 subroutines or functions and outputs a Matlab *.m file. Most recent version at Matlab's File Exchange.




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Labsharp - Lab# : Matlab and Scilab access from C#

Lab# is a .Net library written in C# 2.0 to interact with MATLAB® from any .Net application. Technically Lab# is a wrapper around the MATLAB engine API. This API allow you to get and put matrices in MATLAB. The target of the library is to become fully capable to send and receive data from MATLAB and Scilab, both to running instances and to compatible binary files. Examples// This example create an array with the values of the function// f(x) = sin(x / 10); on the [0..100] range and display it i

Silverware - WOOWOO Silverware

WOOWOOWOOWOO Silverware is a set of interfaces and classes used in the WOOWOO Modeling Framework. Silverware is an intermediary to models running on the JVM; this allows us to leverage the benefit of the JVM while providing the flexibility of modern languages such as Scala, Groovy, Ruby, Python, and Fortress. MFThe core competencies of WOOWOO MF are aligned to address the pain points of running, sweeping, maintaining, and recalling models implemented in Matlab, Excel, or Fortran: Interpreted lan

Groovylab - groovy classes for math engineering

GroovyLab: Groovy classes for math engineeringGroovyLab is a collection of Groovy classes to provide matlab-like syntax and basic features (linear algebra, 2D/3D plots). It is based on jmathplot and jmatharray libs: Matrix class Plot class Example Groovy codeBasically, it allows to create scripts with matlab-like syntax for Matrices and plots: import static org.math.array.Matrix.*import static org.math.plot.Plot.* def A = rand(10,3) \t\t// random Matrix of 10 rows and 3 columnsdef B = fill(10,3,


Functions for WIImote 'N for Engineering (and for Educationnal purposes,too) (1) WinXP : Wii Remote library for Matlab/Simulink(MEX command and s-Function) (2) Linux : Wii Controller library for Scilab (MEX Command)

Fmri-sandbox - fMRI Sandbox (FSB): An interactive fMRI toolbox for Matlab

Process your fMRI data in an interactive way and get instant feedback on the effect of your choices on the functional maps! Requires Matlab 2007b or later to run. For full functionality, you will need to install SPM2 and SPM5 as well.

Optpack - Numerical Optimization Package in MATLAB

This developing project aims to produce a set of optimization routines in MATLAB. By providing a list of options, it enables the user to assemble their own optimization algorithm for their specific problems with minimum amount of code modification. Most functions are based upon algorithms in Numerical Optimization by J. Nocedal, S. J. Wright and Practical Optimization by P. E. Gill, W. Murray, and M. H. Wright. Current function list is provided as follow: '% Line search:% - Step length% - comput

Cbcl-model-matlab - Yet another matlab implementation of the computational model of the ventral stre

IntroductionThis code provides yet another matlab implementation for the computational model of the ventral stream developed by CBCL. The original matlab version written by Serre and Bileschi can be accessed here. The code is hard-wired to compute only upto 4 layers (S1,C1,S2,C2). An alternate version was developed by Jim Mutch and can be found here. This is a much more flexible can be reconfigured to provide any number/type of layers. It supports many primitive operations (normalized dot-produc

Lbm2d - a opensource 2-D lattice boltzmann code for fluid flow simulation

All comments are welcome to help improving the code. This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. This program focuses on the boundary condition treatment of lattice Boltzmann method (LBM). modified Filippova and Hanel method(thereafter as F-H model) has been added to this program. a Matlab code is used to read a geometry picture, output 2 data files needed for L

Oceanoptics - A collection of useful software routines for analysis of ocean optics data

The goal of this repository is to provide a set of community-reviewed code for analysis of ocean optics data from instruments such as the Wetlabs AC-9 and BB2F, HobiLabs HydroScat, etc. Oceangraphers will benefit in at least three ways: 1. Standardized analysis of data from common ocean optics instruments. 2. Community-vetted, ready-to-run code. 3. One-stop shopping. MATLAB code is preferred, but code in any programming language is welcome.

Fmripod - Tools for event related fMRI

IntroductionThe fmripod currently includes a single-trial classifier for fMRI. These pages contain the Matlab scripts for input/output. The source for the binary classifier is not released at this time. This project is maintained in association with Laboratory for Intelligent Imaging and Neural Computing (LIINC) at Columbia University. We've got a tutorial How to obtain the codeMake sure SVN is installed on your machine (why?): (Mac) To install SVN on a Mac follow steps 1,2,3 given here (Linux)