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f2cpp is a python script to convert Fortran 77 to C++ code. The output files of f2cpp script, in contrast to the well-known f2c translator, can be easy read by human.




Related Projects

Cppa - C++ analyzer

Parse c++ files and create a relational database with all the identifier present in the code. Example: jd@desktop:~/$ cppa -f ~/c++/cppa/cppa/test/ -r -d test.db/home/jd/c++/cppa/cppa/test/test1.cpp/home/jd/c++/cppa/cppa/test/var_decl.cppwarning: /home/jd/c++/cppa/cppa/test/var_decl.cpp(16): warning: last line of file ends without a newline/home/jd/c++/cppa/cppa/test/a folder/another one/and another one/test2.cpp3 file(s) parsedjd@desktop:~/$ cppacl -l -d ../../cppa/gcc/test.db 12 classes loaded

Osgboostpython - boost.python bindings for OpenSceneGraph

boost.python bindings for OpenSceneGraph. Hand-written to hopefully be more optimized, and also to be able to offer a more python-esque view of the OSG data structures. See the README.txt file in the sources for how to build and use the wrappers. They are still very much a work in progress, but basic things work well. For example, we can translate osg::createTexturedQuadGeometry() which is in src/osg/Geometry.cpp almost literally to Python: # As a test of the capacity to create osg::Geometry thr

Py-audio - Python bindings for audio device and speex codecs library for real-time voice communicati

This project builds the Python bindings for audio device interface, speex codecs library and text-to-speech library for real-time voice communication. In particular it provides Python wrapper modules for the following projects: The RtAudio Project 4.0.8 The Speex Project 1.2rc1 The Flite Project 1.4 How to build?Instructions to build on Unix-based platforms including Mac OS X and Linux using Python 2.6. 1. Checkout the latest version of this py-audio project from SVN. $ svn checkout http://py-au

Fscada - A Open source SCADA system(开放�代�的SCADA系统)

FScada: F->Free,For you,Fan,... Scada->Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition. 一套开放�代�的分布�SCADA系统,具有如下特性: 1)基于IEC61850和IEC61970�想设计; 2)基于分布�中间件技术; 3)开放的分布�实时数�库系统; 4)图模一体化技术 ……

Javacpp - The missing bridge between Java and native C++

JavaCPPIntroductionJavaCPP provides efficient access to native C++ inside Java, not unlike the way some C/C++ compilers interact with assembly language. No need to invent a whole new language, whatever Microsoft may opine about it. Under the hood, it uses JNI, so it works with all Java implementations, including Android. In contrast to other approaches (SWIG, CableSwig, JNIGeneratorApp, JNIWrapper, Platform Invoke, GlueGen, JNIDirect, JNA, JniMarshall, JNative, J/Invoke, HawtJNI, BridJ, etc.), i

Projet-csr-cpp - Reconstruction en C++ du Projet CSR 2008

Projet CSR C++`Comment se compliquer la vie pour simplifier un projet.' :) Ce projet a pour but de reconstruire le projet CSR, option en 2e semestre de Licence 2 PCGI Option Informatique jusqu'en 2007/2008. En dernière année avant une réforme fatale, nous fûmes la dernière promo à qui on a confié ce projet. CSR?Conception de Systèmes Réactifs. Ce cursus avait comme objectif d'apprendre les bases de la programmation orientée objets, des diagrammes UML, des algorithmes de recherche de ch

Wei-parser-generator - This is a LL(k) parser generator

For more information, please see the "Wiki" page.-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- FeatureThe "Wei Parser Generator" (wpg) is an LL(k) parser generator, it has the following features: Support user-defined lookahead depth Support pure BNF syntax and Extended BNF (a.k.a EBNF) syntax. If a grammar only contains pure BNF syntax, wpg can automatically perform: left recursion removal. (Using Paull's algorithm) left factoring. wpg can convert a

qsniffer is a cross-platform Network Analyzer/Sniffer

qsniffer is a easy to use and award-winning packet sniffer and network protocol analyzer linux win32

Hro-cpp01-assignment2 - Usage of classes to sort the contents of a file alphabetically

For a required assignment at college, I had to design an application to sort the words from a textfile alphabetically. I've had some experience with code management but not with Mercurial in particular, thus I decided to try running a Mercurial repository at google code. This project was mainly targeted at learning the possibilities of google code (including the issue tracker, wiki, and other features). Docent: J. F. Theinert Vak: CPP01 Opleiding: Electrotechniek Student: David Asabina Studentnr

Sibefs - Simple Filesystem Benchmark

Sibefs - Simple Filesystem Benchmark Options: -d Directory to test, by default current directory is used -m RAM to use by sibefs. This is size of one block for read/write command -f Minimum file size -F Maximum file size -r Number of test repeats -q Disk space to use -s Use fsync() after write each file. Benchmark scenario: 1. Create and write n=q/(size*2) files 2. Make a copy of n files 3. Read n files 4. Delete 2*n files (original and cop) 5. Calculate size=0.5*size 6. Go to step 1 Examples: s