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When released, FilmSearch will let you gain a huge amount of time: you'll no more have to scan every day the program of some dozens of TV-channels, just to find once per month something interesting enough to turn on the TV. Each user will be able t



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JavaScript implementation of F#'s Computation Expressions.

S.F. Bike Map

S.F. Bike Map is an application for finding the optimal bicycling route between the hills of San Francisco, complete with route directions, route maps, address finder, and map editor.

Oppna-program-sok - Öppna program: Sök

Komponenter relaterade till sök, för Solr/lucene. I dagsläget innehåller detta projekt en implementation av Opensearch.

Pas3 - PennAve enhanced, storing content on Amazon AWS S3

PAS3 is a fork of PennAve, which stores the image files on Amazon Web Services S3.

Sdecoder - a very small decoder for a 32bit hex number of VME modules

sDecoderA small decoder (sDecoder) may be useful to understand VME modules one data word (buffer). support VME modulesJefferson Lab F1TDC CAEN V792 QDC SIS 3801 Scaler

S3afe - A command line script to upload a file to Amazon S3

AboutA command line Python script to upload a single file to a bucket on Amazon S3 (using the boto library). Command Line OptionsOptions: --version show program s version number and exit -h, --help show this help message and exit -k AWSKEY, --aws_access_key_id=AWSKEY -s AWSSECRET, --aws_secret_access_key=AWSSECRET -f FILENAME, --filename=FILENAME -b BUCKETNAME, --bucketname=BUCKETNAME -n KEYNAME, --keyname=KEYNAME -a ACL, --acl=ACLExampleThe following command uploads the file ~/backups/