Ezmanage - mailing list web interface

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Ezmanage provides a simple WWW interface to managing multiple ezmlm mailing lists. It is designed to enable ISPs to provide their clients with easily administratable mailing lists, to create a virtual domain lists.example.com with mailing lists in it, et




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Project management web base solution for creating and following activities. The source codes can be used as a tutorial for creating any new application based either on JBoss Seam or Groovy&Grails technologies. Currently two versions based on different java technologies have been created: - ezmanager.seam_2.1.2_jbossGA_4.2.3: Java, Hibernate, JBoss Seam framework (2.1.2), JBoss Application Server 4.2.3.GA, JBoss Tools, Oracle database (10g, XE or higher) - ezmanager.grails_tomCat : Java, Groovy,

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