Extjs-core - extjs custom controls

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This folder contains extjs custom controls.Techniques to build a custom control through extjs core library etc.




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Subversion is an open source version control system. Founded in 2000 by CollabNet, Inc., the Subversion project and software have seen incredible success over the past decade. The open source community has used Subversion widely: for example in projects such as Apache Software Foundation, Free Pascal, FreeBSD, GCC, Django, Ruby, Mono, SourceForge, ExtJS, Tigris.org, PHP and MediaWiki. Google Code also provides Subversion hosting for their open source projects.


Automne is a CMS written in PHP/MSQL with that comes with an intuitive EXTJS user interface and a web application generator. Templates and rows can mix XML syntax and PHP. Automne is built for speed and embed a customizable cache system.

Extjscoremitux - ExtJS Core MIT License Content Site Controls

ExtJS Core Content Site LibraryAll components on this site are MIT License and geared towards content site creation. Purpose: The purpose of this library is to store open source controls that are commonly used for creating dynamic content for websites. Rules: The only rules here are that you don't add controls that are a direct mapping of functionality and/or use critical parts of the ExtJS Core proper library. Getting Started Links:ExtJS Core Download: http://extjs.com/products/extcore/download

Extjs-public - A repository containing the latest public release of ExtJS

Since ExtJS does not provide a public Subversion repository, this project will endeavour to keep an up-to-date version of the latest release available. This will allow other projects integrating ExtJS to create an external include to this project, thus allowing updates to be automatic. News2012-01-12 - Long-needed updates in the repository: Ext JS 3.4.0 Ext JS 4.0.7 The new 4.x branch has been placed in its own root folder. GXT 2.2.5 The GXT binaries for different releases of GWT have been unifi

jValidator - validates data streams

The Open Source solution for the validation and processing of data streams. The data quality firewall that validates streams like XML, EXI, Flat File Delimited and Flat File Fixed Position.

Extjs-xmleditor - Web WYSIWYG XML editor that supports XSLT

Web based XML editor with the support of XSLT and without the use of content editable functionality. Highly extensible and flexible. Written using ExtJS 3.0. Should also work under ExtJS 2.0 (please refer to TODO 1.0). Requirements: ExtJS (provided with the editor) Firefox 3.0 Installation/Usage instruction 1) Get the sources using SVN; alternatively download the ZIP file in Downloads section (might be not up to date) 2) In the case of using SVN, place the program on a web server and point your


Cosas is a web emulation of the GTD app Things. My plan is to use the web interface at work where I can't use my phone. There will also be an implementation for the iPhone, Android and perhaps a thick client if the mood strikes me. The web interface is written using Ext/JS 4 and all information will be updated using tiny AJAX calls. This is because I want the back end to be as simple as possible to re-implement using whatever framework that is most convenient.

Ext-core-window - Ext Core Window

This is simple Window on Ext Core. Window is draggable and resizable.

biucentrax.com : mail center

biuCentrax Mail Center is a web based Webmail, support multilingual IMAP. It's written in PHP and requires a MySQL. The user interface is fully skinnable. build on ExtJs

Extjs-builder - Eclipse Plugin for Extjs

This is home page for eclipse plugin for Extjs framework.Right now the plugin is under development however first (0.0.1) version is available for download. This build doesn't contain a lot of functionality, but has some core features that will be expanded in the future. After you download the package you should open Eclipse and add new update site (Help->Install New Software->Add). Then you should select the archive you just download by clicking "Archive..." button. Enter name for your site and