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Extend-A-Story is an interactive story where you get to choose your path through the story and help write the story. It is written in PHP and uses a MySQL database.




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Bdoc - BDoc - Extracting documentation from unit tests, supporting behaviour driven development

Last update, 25.10.2009. Read more on the News. AboutBDoc documents behaviour specified by unit tests. In its easiest form it is like TestDox, creating simple documentation from the method names in JUnit test cases. In its more advanced form it can produce a quality report, describing userstories and behaviour implemented by the code. This will give extra value to the developers and testers of the team. It will contribute on giving attention to unittesting, test-driven development and behaviour-

Sometimes - somETIMES: linEar Temporal logIc MachinE for Scala

SummarySomETIMES is a lightweight library for scala and java, which defines a DSL (Domain Specific Language) for LTL (Linear Temporal Logic). Furthermore it allows to iterate time step by time step in order to evaluate the LTL-Expression. Possible domains are game development, planning simulation etc. StoryLet's say you develop a brilliant game and are currently going to implement some constraints or conditions, so a level is won by satisfying these requirements. Unfortunately, people often run

Open-pl2 - Open source 3D engine supporting 'PL2' resource files

See current Progress OverviewThis is an attempt at writing an open source engine and toolset for the somewhat popular PolygonLove2 (PL2, �リゴンラブ2) Japanese 3D dating sim game made by Purple Heart. No resource files will be provided here, just the engine. The best part of a dating sim game is the story and characters, so go buy the original! However tools to create new resource files and edit existing ones will be made available here when the formats have been fully reversed. If you

Wamnews - WAM | Emirates News Agency

The Emirates News Agency, WAM, (Wakalat Anba'a al-Emarat), was established in November 1976 by decree of the Minister of Information and Culture of the United Arab Emirates. Transmission of its Arabic language service commenced on 18th June 1977, and of its English language service in December 1978. Transmission is from 08.00 am until 01.00 am, except on special occasions, when transmission times can be extended. WAM is a member of the Group of Arab Gulf Co-operation Council newsagencies, the Fe

Django-ittybitty - Shortened URLs for your Django-powered site!

This application offers those with Django-powered sites to have their very own URL-shortening capabilities with great ease. For an idea of what "URL-shortening" means, have a gander at http://mashable.com/2008/01/08/url-shortening-services/ or just Google "url shortening". It's kind of a big deal all of the sudden. Why should you use this when all of those services already exist online? Maybe it's just me, but I don't like relying on 3rd party servers in order for my site to function, and that i

Electronic-mis - Electronical Medical Information System

The B Teamhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MM8BH7QhQjA well done Hunter! News7/24/2011presentation lineup: David + Juan - will present untrusted client Cameron + Daniel, please be ready to demo the Trusted site. Hunter will be out of town but has prepared a demonstration of security. Lawrence and myself will present this. William + myself will present documentation, UML, and Project progress slides 6/23/2011There will be a few changes on how we track progress this block. We will talk more about it

Jsp-myadmin - A MySQL Administration Tool

Why JSPMyAdmin?MySQL database Management System used to story data. It is used in many web server as well in many big organization. But MySQL doesn't have any GUI, it has to be handled through Command Prompt. Hence it is tedious for the users who either don't know how to use MQL query and who love to work on GUI interface. Hence JSPMyAdmin works as a GUI for MySQL Database, through which you can control almost every MySQL functionality. This will defined a new era in the way system interacts wit

Cmservlet - A prototype of a java content management system with ajax

cmServletIntroductionThis is a context management service with Ajax and Servlet technology. The final product will very similar to friendster and facebook, but second hand shopping function will be added and will be in Chinese as base DetailsA content management system (CMS) is computer software used to create, edit, manage, and publish content in a consistently-organized fashion. CMSs are frequently used for storing, controlling, versioning, and publishing industry-specific documentation such a