GNU ext2resize

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Obsolete tools for resizing ext2 filesystems. Not maintained since 2004. The majority of this functionality was included into e2fsprogs years ago.



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Partition Surprise

Partition Surprise is a GPL partition managing software for Linux. Partition resizes, moves and conversions is implemented. Limited support of operations on mounted ext2-filesystem included as well.

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I really love Ext but coding in javascript just gives me the chills. So I went out and found a way to use my favorite js library (Ext) and my favorite programming language (C#) at the same time. By using a project called Script# I am able to write C# code and have it converted into javascript, similar to GWT. Building on that, Script# also allows you to code against external APIs, but you need to create the types, methods, properties, etc. for everything in the javascript library. So what I did

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This is only the automation, the main files, and kernels, programs, etc.. have been taken of the XDA Developers, BadaSpain and other sources and communities. STATEThis is a pre-alpha version that may contain some bugs CONSIDERATIONSThis script DOES NOT FLASH because doing it in Linux will brick your phone.. So you must do it. This script handles partitions of your SD (Your data could be lost, so backup) You need Linux to run this, because this is a shell script ^^ Instructions about how to flash

ext2resize - An ext2 filesystem resizer

An ext2 filesystem resizer