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ExSite is a Website Operating System - a complete website management system that includes user-friendly, browser-based tools for web authoring, content management, publishing, database administration, user management, dynamic content serving, and more.




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Exsited - Extensible and Simple Tex Editor (exsited!)

DescriptionThe goal of this project is to create a WYSIAWYG editor for LaTeX, where WYSIAWYG stands for "what you see is ALMOST what you get". State of the ArtIf you take a look at the Comparison of TeX editors available in the Wikipedia, you'll see that few editors provide a WYSIWYG solution: BaKoMa TeX, Lyx, and Scientific WorkPlace. In my opinion, these editors are too similar to real WYSISYG word processing programs, like LibreOffice's Writer or Microsoft Work. I really like LaTeX and I enjo

Flexrock - Enterprise Architecutral Framework Practises with exsiting Frameworks

Migrated to "Flex Docking Windows Component" FlexRock will be used for another project (Enterprise Architecutral Framework Practise with exsiting Frameworks). Leave comments: http://code.google.com/p/flexrock/wiki/FeedbacksAndComments Also see Flex Docking Windows Component (http://flexdock.googlecode.com/) Also see Flex Application Platform (http://flexwork.googlecode.com/)

Jaffa - Java Application Framework For All

An Enterprise Focused Java Framework For Rapid Application Development. JAFFA is a Java web application development stack, extending exsiting projects like Tomcat and Struts with MVC based web widgets, built-in persistence and component generators too

Photobox-2009 - Mobile Application for Sharing Photo among the publics

PhotoBox is an application letting you share you photo anytime anywhere. Everyone can capture a photo from on device camera in the mobile phone. After reviewing it, if you’re feeling ok about the photo taken, simply upload it to the server, and your photo will be saved into the database. All photos in the server uploaded by you, me, him, her or whoever are shown together in a web page, and accessible via either a WAP browser or any standard desktop browser, the layout of the page tries the bes