Expression Tree Serializer

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.NET 4.0 and Silverlight 4 class library that serializes and deserializes Expression instances. Also: a WCF IQueryable LINQ Provider and Web Http (REST) client for Silverlight that provides a simplified REST client API (i.e. WCF's WebChannelFactory) that's easier to use than W...



Related Projects

MetaLinq - LINQ to Expressions

Class library that allows developers to use LINQ to search through and edit expressions in place, without having to manually recreate the expressions.

Expression-tree-traversals - takes in an expression in either infix,prefix,posfix and display in all

takes in an expression in either infix,prefix,posfix and display in all the orders.


A collection of utilities and components for interacting with and creating expression trees, dynamic delegates, and runtime expression conversions.

NJection - A .NET Code Injection Library

NJection makes it easier for .NET Developers to emit code at runtime, using the new featuers of C# 4.0 System.Linq.Expressions.


CuttingEdge.ServiceLayerHelpers library contains useful helper classes for Service Layer that are build on top of .NET 3.5 or higher.


ExpressionEval is simple parser for creating expression tree from string. Part of the project is linq serializer/deserializer via REST.

Expressions to CodeDOM

The library helps to create CodeDOM graph and generate code from it. It uses expression trees in form of lambda functions to create CodeDOM tree.


Fluentx is a library helps developers to achieve C# control statements by using methods, and more helper methods of daily use.