Exponent Content Management System

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Exponent is a fully-featured, modern CMS written in PHP, that enables non-technical people to manage and update their websites with minimal effort. Exponent is also an attractive development platform for traditional and non-traditional web applications.




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RSA Converter

A multi-platform tool to convert RSA private keys between SFM format (modulus, public exponent, private exponent) and CRT format, in both ways.

Javamorph - Picture merging by interpolated deformation.

Bugfixes Index Array out of bounds in CTriangulation.add() (Morphing doesn't start) 26.01.2009 SummaryHere You can download a grahpical morphing program. The method is also known from the film industry. Install Java Runtime JRE 1.6 before. Just take two pictures and mark exponent points within them. Run the program then! Obtain a number of merged pictures according to a sequence of merging ratios. Use the desktop subtirectory, created by this program! If You want, have also a look at the tutoria


prefix is a command line prefix calculator written in python. It supports basic math functions (add, subtract, multiply, divide) as well as some more advanced (exponents, logarithms, etc.)

Jyield - Java continuations support similar to c# yield coroutines

jyield aims to provide java continuations support similar to c# yield coroutines. The methods annotated with @Continuable are transformed in runtime or optionally in compile time. FeaturesGenerators Continuations Chaining continuations Execution state serialization support Try catch blocks support Synchronized blocks support Code sampleSample.java import jyield.Continuable;import jyield.Yield;public class Sample { @Continuable public static Iterable<Integer> power(int number, int exponent) { int

Mpmath - Python library for arbitrary-precision floating-point arithmetic

Status 2011-02-01: mpmath 0.17 released. See the changelog for details. mpmath now supports Python 3! (Older news) About mpmathMpmath is a pure-Python library for multiprecision floating-point arithmetic. It provides an extensive set of transcendental functions, unlimited exponent sizes, complex numbers, interval arithmetic, numerical integration and differentiation, root-finding, linear algebra, and much more. Almost any calculation can be performed just as well at 10-digit or 1000-digit precis

Prismscript - A coroutine-based, runtime-extensible scripting language for I/O-based logic

Prismscript is an I/O-control-centric language intended to simplify the process of decoupling instructions and application logic from processing machinery. HistoryOriginally, Prismscript was devised to allow for scene-scripting in the Summer Prisms visual novel project, to provide a safe sandboxed context that would enable scenario-writers to create rich experiences without exposing the client's system to the usual degree of risk associated with executing untrusted code. Since then, the language

Calcutype - A switch accessible writing tool with integrated calculator

AboutThis is an JavaScript project to create a browser-based switch-accessible writing and calculation tool for people with motor impairments. UsingIf you want to try it out on the web, go to http://gb-cs.cs.unc.edu/calcutype/. If you're running Windows, you'll probably want to download the .zip version. If you're running Linux, you'll probably want to download the .tar version. I don't know what would be best if you're running Mac. To try it on your local machine, download the current source ve

Cpp-bigfloat - Add, subtract, multiply, and divide with arbitrary floating point precision.

More functions maybe added later such as roots and possibly exponents. Its not optimized. It operates in binary/hex, you can output all the digits in hex but not decimal.