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formalisation of scientific experiments




Related Projects

Inf347-expos - fil rouge du projet INF347

Memebres : Alexandre Francesca Nicolas Walid

Exposong - ExpoSong is a presentation software with a focus on Christian worship settings.

SummaryExpoSong is a worship presentation software. ExpoSong's features include image, lyric, and text presentations, image, gradient backgrounds, schedules, on-screen notifications, show logo, and more. ExpoSong was started in January of 2008. You can find more information on exposong.org. Similar ProgramsWe'd love to think that we're the best of the best, but we're still young, and may lack some features you require. Here's a list of a few alternatives, in hopes that you'll check back on occas

Danspose - Windows Vista application switcher

OverviewDansposé is a Vista application that is similar in spirit to Mac OS X's Exposé. It utilizes the Desktop Window Manager API to render live thumbnails for active, application windows and arranges them in a grid for easy switching. A key feature of Dansposé over Exposé is the ability to define application "groups". All application windows within a group will be aggregated into the same grid cell, when the group is selected, the member windows are expanded into full view for selection. S

Akreditacion - Sistema de acreditacion para eventos

Just a simple acreditation system for summits, events, expos, etc. All entire software was developed for students at Escuela de Oficios San Cayetano - CFP Nº 401 de Vicente López.

Tourney - Tournament RPG being created by 1 group (Rawle, Ben, & Sean) for COSC 480 in Fall of 2

Tournament RPG being created by 1 group (Rawle, Ben, & Sean) for COSC 480 (Game Design in Fall of 2009. Milestone 1 - Sept. 29th Milestone 2 - Oct. 29th Milestone 3 - Nov. 24th Team Reviews - Dec. 3rd Expo - Dec. 9th

Scalereg - The SCALE Registration System

This is the registration system used by SCALE, the Southern California Linux Expo. This registration software helped us run a smooth show for over 1000 attendees during SCALE 6X. We are releasing this code so other Open Source conferences can benefit from it as well. The SCALE Registration System (scalereg) is written in Python and uses the Django framework.

Prereg-info - Sistema de preregistro en internet.

Sistema generador de pre-registros web para congresos, ferias, expos, etc. El sistema se esta desarrollando en php (Programacion procedural) con Filemaker como motor de base de datos. Las siguientes versiones del sistema serán desarrolladas enteramente con POO, y asea JAVA o PHP5 y como motores de base de datos Filemaker y SQL (A elegir)

Antimonous - Expo Management

Expo Managementhttp://code.google.com/p/antimonous/source/checkout