Outdoor Club Admin

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Outdoor Club Admin is a PHP and MYSQL based project that allows an outdoor club, such as a University Club, to be administered using a web interface.




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RunAsAdmin Explorer Shim

RunAsAdmin Explorer Shim is a tool that lets administrators to keep and easily use their administrative rights but still enjoy safety of using least privileged accounts.

Django-hymn - a demo project showing how to utilize django admin interface

In this simple project, we can explore how to define inline objects for regular and generic models. It's a feature in Django 1.1 that we can customize the built-in admin interface. A real-world demo is at Around Our Community

Pinax-reports - Pinax Reports

Pinax reports is a reporting toolset designed for Pinax. Some of the planned features: Excel reporting via xlwt Charts from flot Possible google chart integration The purpose of this is to make it so that without writing code admin level users can generate quick reports based off of standard Pinax applications. This way users of Pinax can provide data reports of Pinax content that can be explored and modified by non-Django developers through tools they are familiar.

Fileexplorerxp - Web File Manager (written in PHP) - Administrador de Archivos Web

File Explorer XPCurrent Version 1.75 Web File Manager, written in php Don't require Data Base Easy use Run in PHP 5 Look similar Windows XP Multilingual Support Easy Setup Compress Files with GZ Security Logs Access Data: User: admin Pass: admin Administrador de Archivos Web No requiere base de datos Es fácil de usar Funciona en PHP 5 Tiene aspecto similar Windows XP Multilenguaje Fácil instalación Compresión de archivos con GZ Logs de Seguridad Lang: es | en | it | pt | de

SharePoint Remote Manager

This project provides a tool for SharePoint developers and admins to connect to SharePoint sites remotely and explore the sites data and their properties.


Mysql Database frontend, File Explorer,Weblog, Manage Bookmarks Installation perl -MCPAN -e 'install MySQL::Admin'

Heroes-of-saragone - A fun little iso mud.

Heroes of saragone is a simple mud/mmo produced in vb6 (server side, C++ client side), set in the world of saragone, an island chain on the great sea.Explore the land, find hidden treasure, destroy great evil and make your name known.Currently have2 x Server programmers (possible third)1 x Client programmer1 x generic artist2 x world builders7 x beta testers1 x web admin1 x HostCurrently want:Contact simplechat.

Onex - free web based exam software

Tutorial:Read the Developer Guide and start developing ONEX. Read the User Guide and start using it. Features:Create and manage exam using admin console. Users login and perform exams of thier choice. Maintain users, exam as XML files. new No database to save exam and its info. Accurate result calculations. Requirements:OS - Windows NT, Windows XP or higher. Server - IBM WebShpere Application Server 5.0, Apache Tomcat 6.0. JDK or JRE - Version 1.4.2 or higher. Browser - Internet Explorer 6.0 or

Filehatchery - Simple shell supporting console and admin elevation

한국 내�서 잘 알려진 NexusFile� �론 The open-source copy of NexusFile, which is well known in Korea. Currently it doesn't support many features which are included in NexusFile, but It can be expanded using some feature, such as custom console and elevation. Project is under active development, so stay tuned.