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Experts is a program done in PHP with MySQL database where people can ask questions then replied that the experts.



Related Projects

cucumber - BDD that talks to domain experts first and code second

BDD that talks to domain experts first and code second

clipsmm - A C++ CLIPS Interface

clipsmm is a C++ interface to the CLIPS libray, a C library for developing expert systems.


HM NIS Edit is the best Editor/IDE for Nullsoft Scriptable Install System (NSIS). Its useful for experts and beginner in the creation of Setup programs with the NSIS.


Gamera is a framework for the creation of structured document analysis applications by domain experts. It combines a programming library with GUI tools for the training and interactive development of recognition systems.


Report of registry and file settings. Useful in detecting malware.

JEDI Experts

JEDI Experts is set of experts/wizards to be used in Delphi IDE. While they can be used directly in Delphi IDE, the main task will be convert them, and merge into GExperts - another Delphi project on SourceForge:


Sciwi aims at manage a web repository of scientific articles evaluations, with a special emphasize on peer-reviews by mandated experts.

INFeReNCZy - Expert System Framework

Lightweigh framework to create expert systems, written in Perl. INFeReNCZy is an approach to Artificial Intelligence and Knowledge Base Systems. With only a few simple perl modules, INFeReNCZy gives the oportunity to develop and run rulesets.

JESS modes for GNU Emacs

Jess-mode is a collection of Emacs Lisp files designed to facilitate the development of Java Expert System Shell (JESS) applications. Currently, the package consists of a major mode for editing source and an inferior mode used to run the Jess interpreter

Cream (for Vim)

Cream is a free, easy-to-use configuration of the famous Vim text editor for Microsoft Windows, GNU/Linux, and FreeBSD. It uses common menus, standard keyboard shortcuts, and has extensive editing functions for the beginner and expert alike.