Expense Management

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A danish Expense Management system, precreated in asp.net as a poc for a futures Azure version.




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Expensemanager - OpenSource C# Project to manage shared daily expenses.

Status: DB Version has been completed The DAL implementation for XML based version has to be written from scratch. Initial step to proceed with the project is to design the XML schema which will replace the Database....the idea behind using XML instead of DB exists because all systems does not have SQLServer or its free version as well. For XML based data storage i am inclined towards usage of LINQ to XML classes and working in this direction.

Xpensetrak - Budget & Actual Expense Tracker

This Application helps budget and track your expenses. It only does expense management. It is written using python using Google AppEngine Infrastructure

Chillar - An Expense-Manager mobile app to track daily expenses.

A simple expense manager to track your daily expenses based on a budget that you provide. Provides you with easy interface for adding expenses under various categories, visualize them on a daily or monthly basis or view expenses category-wise and a little more. As of now we plan to have this application on Android platform. Later we may extend it to other platforms also. People currently working on this: Litap Sethji Brahmana

Bb-twistsoft-expense-manager - Java Desktop complement BB ExpenseManager

Java Desktop complement for the TwistSOFT BlackBerry ExpenseManager app. Further manage your expense types in a way the BB app dows not allow. Database storage needed. Online preferred.

Outflow - A Personal Expense Management Application

Out Flow is a personal expense management application for tracking Credit Card Payments, Cash Payments, Fuel Expenses and all the payments that you make in your daily routine. Out Flow can summarize your payments in different perspectives and show you the outline of your expenses. Technologies Used: .NET Framework 2.0 NHibernate 2.0 Storage Layer: MS Access Database This Database Management System has been used to make the application simple and portable, it is subject to change. Presentation La

ExpenseManager - a simple web application to manage group expenses

a simple web application to manage group expenses