Express Engine

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STEP (ISO 10303) development environment which supports the validation of STEP data populations via EXPRESS (ISO 10303-11) schemata and the transformation of STEP data populations from one schema to another via EXPRESS-X (ISO 10303-14) schemata.



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Weblogextended - Weblog Extended

Weblog Extendend is a ExpressionEngine extension/module that adds new features to the EE control panel, and allows you to manage weblogs on a different way. The list of the new features added by this extension: Nested Weblogs Now you can set the show order of the Weblogs You can enable/disable a Weblog FCK support There's a module too, where you can use the new features implemented by the extension. The module extends the Weblog module, and adds the capability to list your weblogs. An short exam

Fast-el - Fast Expression Language

Fel是轻é‡�级的高效的表达å¼�计算引擎。Fel在æº�自于ä¼�业项目,设计目标是为了满足ä¸�æ–­å�˜åŒ–的功能需求和性能需求。 Fel是开放的,引擎执行中的多个模å�—都å�¯ä»¥æ‰©å±•æˆ–替æ�¢ã€‚Fel的执行主è¦�是通过函数实现,è¿�算符(+ã€�-等都是Fel函数),所有这些函数都是å�¯ä»¥æ›¿æ�¢çš„,扩展函数也é�žå¸¸ç®€å�•ã€‚ Fel有å�Œå¼•æ“Žï¼Œå�Œæ—¶æ”¯æŒ�解释执行和编译执行。å�¯ä»¥æ ¹æ�®æ€§èƒ½è¦�求选择执行方å¼�。编译执行å°

Litchiweb - A web engine base pure python coroutines feature, which implement by 'yield' exp

一个纯python实现的,具有基于‘yield’表达�实现的�程特性的web引擎。 A web engine base pure python coroutines feature, which implement by 'yield' expressions. 整个项目�自于"A Curious Course on Coroutines and Concurrency" 这篇讲座。 All this derived from "A Curious Course on Coroutines and Concurrency.

Indexcode - Adsense template page project: Adsenes Functionality Exp Google Code

Dear God, I pray for your Google Miracle Powers in guiding me through successful completion of this project. Here it is. Adsense Search Engine Optimization & Superboost Internet Traffic to Position eBusiness for Success. MLM Marketing Leads Generation Technologies and Implemetation Strategies and Techniques using Adwords keywords placement and targeting site specific content. Ultimately, in God I Trust, using Google's Adwords functionality for SEO specific content of this website then using MLM

Yaree - Yet Another Regular Expression Engine

IntroductionYAREE stands for "Yet Another Regular Expression Engine", and it's basically a RE matcher library. The user inputs a regular expression using only simple constructs (choice, kleene star, concatenation and grouping, for now) and some queries for it's engine, and the sample program outputs the success or failure of the matches. The library API is very clean and concise, allowing the programmer to tweak with the parse tree and the finite state automata behind the scenes. The main purpos

Numdifftools - Tools for automatic numerical differentiation

News2012May 5New release of Numdifftools 0.4.0. 2011May 19New release of Numdifftools 0.3.5. Feb 24New release of Numdifftools 0.3.4. 2009May 20New beta release of Numdifftools 0.3.1. NUMDIFFTOOLSSuite of tools to solve automatic numerical differentiation problems in one or more variables. All of these methods also produce error estimates on the result. A pdf file is also provided to explain the theory behind these tools. To test if the toolbox is working paste the following in an interactive py

Expe-blog - Experimental blog engine.

The expe blog engine is designed for testing new ideas, including: FriendFeed integration. RDFa-serialized metadata annotations. expe runs on Google App Engine.

Engineeringsuite - Program for solving non-linear equation systems.

eSuiteProgram for solving non-linear, and linear, equation systems in which you write the equations and the program solves them numerically. It includes a data base with thermodynamical properties and also a symbolic engine. Basically the program is an open source clone of the EES but written in Java and open source. 100% FREE award granted by Softpedia Open source and multiplatform equation solverThe purpose of this project

Stemptag - The SInteliGIS Temporal Expression Tagger

The SInteliGIS Temporal Expression Tagger (stemptag) is a Java-based system addressing the complete resolution of temporal expressions given over textual documents, through the usage of Machine Learning (ML) approaches. This resolution involves recognizing the temporal expressions, i.e. delimiting their occurrences over the textual documents, and normalizing the recognized expressions, i.e. explicitly associating the text chunks to calendar points or calendar intervals. In the past, temporal exp

E3roid - 2D OpenGL game engine for Android

About e3roide3roid is a 2D OpenGL game engine for Android platform. NEW: 07/14/2011 e3roid version 1.2.11 has been released!e3roid version 1.2.2 through 1.2.8 are deprecated because these version contains some issues. It is recommended for everyone to upgrade to the latest version of e3roid. e3roid 1.2.11 delivers:ADD: E3Scene#getHuds to retrieve all HUD sprites ADD: Add support for TMX object layers and properties FIX: Background goes behind after setting background multiple times e3roid 1.2.10