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A comprehensive content management system (CMS) whit ease of use, speed, amp; flexibility. E-Xoops 1.05r3 was last version call E-XooPS. Name change and release of RunCms 1.4 got Us to level 2. Level 3 Scarpox is a more compact cms exclusive to Danish use.



Related Projects

Questnuke - e-Xoops for Game Creation

Questnuke is a collection of e-xoops modules for the purpose of keeping track of adventure/rpg game creation. Utilizing existing mods where possible, writing them when they are not yet created.

The E-Xoopport Project

E-Xoopport is an enhanced version of E-Xoops a fork of Xoops CMS. E-Xoopport provides new modules, new themes, a powerful faster engine and many hacks and bug fixes that let users to use it also for businnes and professional purposes.