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Development has moved to github: https://github.com/ianare/exif-py




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Attend-reports - Attend 2.5 records and awards teacher attendance by extracting EXIF-data from teach

Attend 2.5 is a program written by Nicholas Shelly for the Massachusetts Institute of Technology's Abdul Latif Jameel Poverty Action Lab. - Attend helps to record and award teacher attendance at schools across the world by extracting EXIF-data from folders of teacher photos (JPG) to ensure the teacher is present at school. - In an interactive GUI, the administrator can verify photos to ensure the instructor is at the school with the correct number of students. - Based configurable options - e.g.

Py-photo-organiser - A python command line utility to organize photos according to their EXIF info.

Organise your photos.NAME photo-organiser - sorting photo files according to their picture take dateSYNOPSIS [python] photo-organiser [OPTION]... [SOURCE] [DESTINATION]EXAMPLE [python] photo-organiser [-r] [-v]DESCRIPTION copy or move a directory tree of photos recursively and put the photos into direcctories of their own date. A photo file that was taken at YYYY/MM/DD will end up in a folder of YYYY/MM/DD (posix) YYYY\\MM\\DD (win)Options: --version show program's version number and exit -h, --

Exif-modifier - tool for automated exif modification

Tool for automated exif modification running on python using exif.py library

Django-photologue - A customizable plug-in photo management application for the Django web framework

What is Photologue?Photologue is a reusable Django application that provides powerful image management and manipulation functionality as well as a complete photo gallery solution. The 2.x release adds more effects, including reflections and transparent watermarks. It also introduces the ImageModel abstract base class allowing developers to easily integrated the Photologue core functionality into their own models. Photologue embraces the Django admin and smoothly integrates with photo thumbnails

Rawtohdri - Converts bracketed camera raw files directly to an OpenEXR format HDRI.

Description:rawtohdri is a Python based program which takes a bracketed set of camera raw files, converts them directly to linear light images and stacks them into an HDR image saved in OpenEXR HALF format. It has minimal dependencies, requiring only dcraw, NumPy and the LibOpenEXR bindings for python. rawtohdri's main features are process-parallel conversion of raw files and the ability to convert HDRIs one scanline at a time, the latter making it very memory efficient in spite of working at fu

Winfiles60 - WinFile - A powerful Symbian S60 filemanager written in PyS60 language

WinFile - A powerful Symbian S60 filemanager written in PyS60 language print "Welcome in the WinFile world!!"return "Thanks!"IntroductionThis is a great filemanager (for me, well not surprising :=) ) not only for file management but to quick play audio files and see my pictures :) (I have to say that for hex editing and quick in-use-file copy I still use X-Plore and the great Fexplorer, the first and the most easy). I think there's not a perfect software with everything you need, but why don't u

Smuggler - Python library for accessing the SmugMug API

An idiomatic Python library or accessing the SmugMug (http://www.smugmug.com) API. It includes an API library that: Mimics the SmugMug API methods Does type and method checking client side Has unit tests for code integrity Takes advantage of HTTP caching Case-insensitve paramater mapping - use the case that suits your project Integrated SmugMug API help using Python docstrings It also includes an ORM wrapper around the API that: Treats SmugMug types as objects instead of collections of URLs Make

exif.py - A python utility to read / write JPEG's EXIF attributes

A python utility to read / write JPEG's EXIF attributes


Git-svn clone of http://sourceforge.net/projects/exif-py/ (just for easier use of EXIF.py as a git submodule)


exif.py written by Gene Cash for reading EXIF and IPTC data in python. Original repo has gone offline so i'm making it public here for my personal projects and will be updating this to current EXIF/IPTC standards.