Exert Fitness Log

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Exert is a Fitness/Workout Log application.




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Gae-conqueror - GAE powered SVG browser game set in medieval times

Game overviewConqueror is a turn based strategy game where players control units on a hexagon grid battlefield set in medieval time. Contiguous hexagons controlled by a player form a "territory" and income is earned from this territory each turn. Units (peasants, spearmen, knights, and barons) or defensive structures can be purchased in order to expand or defend each territory. The goal is to conquer the entire region or island, exerting dominance over the land. Multiplayer via the internet or A

Flux3gui - Cornell Microgravity Project Team GUI

We are a team of undergraduate engineering students at Cornell University interested in spacecraft research. Specifically, we are exploring the field of magnetic flux pinning, and its applications to spacecraft docking, manipulation, and in-orbit assembly. Flux pinning is a physical phenomenon that occurs when a magnetic field interacts with certain kinds of superconductors, causing the magnetic flux lines to be pinned inside the superconductor. When the superconductor is cooled below its materi

Exertion - Software for Exertion Instruments

This Google Code Archive is for: CAD Design Files of Musical Instruments 2. Microcontroller Music Synthesizer and related code 3. Browser-Based CAD Design Applets for musical instruments Duplicate best software from the project wiki into this archive. SW Wiki: http://exertion.pbworks.com/Synthesizer-Module#Software

Relax-net - aka RedBranch.Hammock, a domain-focused CouchDB library for .NET

Hammock is a .NET CouchDB library modeled directly on NHibernate and strives for much of the same functionality while avoiding the vast complexity of mapping object data to a relational system. If you haven't already, install CouchDB from http://wiki.apache.org/couchdb/Installing_on_Windows. Using Hammock is very straightforward. First, create a Connection: var c = new Connection(new Uri("http://localhost:5984")) };Connections represent a single CouchDB server. You can query for existing databas

Electromagnetism - Electromagnetism is the physics software of the electromagnetic field

Electromagnetism is the physics of the electromagnetic field: a field which exerts a force on particles that possess the property of electric charge, and is in turn affected by the presence and motion of those particles. A changing magnetic field produces an electric field (this is the phenomenon of electromagnetic induction, the basis of operation for electrical generators, induction motors, and transformers). Similarly, a changing electric field generates a magnetic field. Because of this inte

Jcrada-creatures - Evolution of Morphology and Behavior of Virtual Creatures

Evolution of Morphology and Behavior of Virtual Creatures A Model based on Swarm Intelligence and Artificial Neural Networks. Author: Juan Rada-Vilela, José Aguilar, Rubén Parma Video available at: http://www.youtube.com/jcrada82 ABSTRACT This paper presents a research on evolution of morphology and behavior of virtual creatures in a virtual world physically realistic. The morphology of creatures is formed by rigid bodies joined by spherical joints. Each rigid body has a sensor which measures

Openhaxechart - Port of openflashchart in as3 to haxe

This project is an attempt to port openflashchart to haXe. Checkout to see the TODO file. I will try to synchronize development with openflashchart, if possible. NewsSat Nov 7 04:07:52 CET 2009As much as I hate throwing away effort exerted by myself or others. I have to declare this project as undoable as it was defined previously. I have totally lost interest in porting the project. The code design is broken. Although I am still interested in recreating this project from the ground up, using ad

Atmega328growcontroller - An Atmega based hydroponic greenhouse controller

Intro Goal : To create a simple to use, feature rich programmable control unit for a greenhouse. In an effort to maintain optimum growth conditions and to more effectively utilize modern environmental control technology, commercial gardeners are more and more turning towards central controllers. Factors such as light, water, CO2 levels, pH level, nutrient levels, temperatures and relative humidity need to be coordinated and controlled. Newer technologies allow gardeners more minute control than

Salesforceandroid - Breathtaking Application for Salesforce on Android

That's conceptExpand cloud computing power mashuping Google, Salesforce and More! Note : the package structure would be changed soon. demo account login available!On login menu, you can login to my demo account instead of your account - some users take trouble in logging in due to Salesforce IP address restriction setting. Just check the box and click login button. You can see, event, task, account, contact, opportunity, case and visualforce, and dashboard. Without your own salesforce id, you ca

Ntsh-jass - Nothing to See Here - Just Another Scenegraph Stack (NTSH-JASS, pronounced 'en-tish-

Nothing to See Here - Just Another Scenegraph Stack (NTSH-JASS, pronounced 'en-tish-jass') is a simple scene-graph implementation for OpenGL. It provides control over the stacking and accomplishing of draw calls. An essential concept behind NTSH-JASS is the orthogonality of scene- and spatial hierarchies - the scene graph does not comprise a spatial graph. Instead, it controls what gets drawn when. The spatial information for each individual draw call is just another parameter, along with materi