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A simple ASP.NET page that allows executing any T-SQL scripts. The ExecuteSQL page can be used when the ASP.NET application is working with a database, but the database is not available outside of the ASP.NET application. The ExecuteSQL page can be temporarily embedded into th...




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Sqlformat - SQL Parser / Formatter

SQL Parser in C#, using .NET 3.5. The intention of this project is to implement a 'pretty formatter' of SQL because of the terse nature of NHibernate generated SQL, and also to ensure SQL is readable (according to my standard). There is also a simple one page sql formatter available here to allow some experimentation, but this project is still in its infancy, so don't expect too much just yet! Current Features Supports SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE, DECLARE, GO statements Uses white space liber

Perletl - a perl written etl tool

this is a pm for ETL,now the first version support DB2,in the features,maybe add mysql,Oracle etc. perl连接DB2方�1:DBI::DBD 1组�部分 -getDbHandler �DBconnect(),建立并获�数�库连接 -PrepareExecuteSql 预编译SQL -TransRollback 出错事务回滚 -disconnect 与DBconnect()相�,销�数�库连接 2执行部分 -executeSQL 执行完SQL�我们手动关闭连接,用于处�多行SQL -executeOnceSQL 执行完SQL会自动关闭连接。 -getSelect 获�结果