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exchange4linux is a production/stable server solution to store/exchange workgroup data on Linux in a style simular to Exchange. Main goal is to provide Outlook users a free and open server alternative on Linux. Please check also



Related Projects

Fix8 - FIX (Financial Information eXchange Protocol) Framework

A fresh approach to FIX (Financial Information eXchange Protocol). Statically compile your FIX xml schema and quickly build your FIX application on top. With low latency performance in mind, this framework is designed to streamline the development of custom FIX interfaces. Using one of the standard FIX schemas you can have a FIX client or server up and running very quickly.

Qt Bitcoin Trader

Mt.Gox and BTC-e Bitcoin Trading Client

Woxxy - LAN File Excange

Woxxy send files to your friends, that are in the same LAN with a simple drag and drop DocumentationThe GUI was developed with PyQt4 The data exchange uses os3pylib

Openid4perl - OpenID 2.0 Perl Libraries

Perl Libaries for: - OpenID Authentication 2.0 - OpenID Attribute Exchange 1.0

Edgarr - A library for accessing EDGAR data from the SEC using Ruby

EDGAR (Electronic Data Gathering, Analysis, and Retrieval system) is the US Securities and Exchange Commission system used for submitting and retrieving filings by publicly traded companies. Filings can be anything from a Form 10-Q (a quarterly statement) to a Form 4 (statement of changes in beneficial ownership).

Hostfilemini - HostFile Mini - script for easy file sharing

OverviewHostFile Mini is free, but a powerful script for simple file exchange, with possibility of creation of own theme of registration, support of smart tags, remote loading and multiloading, with ample opportunities of analytics and management, the administrative panel, possesses automatic installation, and as additional parameters for a separate file and support of several languages. System requiresSoftware: PHP 5.0 and older, MySQL 4 and older, .htaccess support. Package contentsLanguages:

Qcurrency - QCurrency Converter

Qcurrency ConverterQcurrency ConverterAbout QcurrencyNewsRequirementsScreenshotsSupported UnitsCurrencyLengthWeightCredits and thanks About QcurrencyQcurrency is a currency converter for international exchange rates. Qcurrency udpates exchange rate data from the internet and stores the information locally for off-line use. Qcurrency, despite its name, can also do all of your Weight and Length conversions. Its has all the common units available for conversion, eg Feet, Inches, Centimetres, Kilogr


A remote phone monitor for Isdn4Linux. With a server for your gateway and a client for your workstations. You can easily monitor all incoming calls through various clients with features like highlighting, logging and number / name exchange.

Uhu-6 - PHP5 Codebase, straight from Marv's brain!

PreambleWhat started out as a bunch of "glue code", initially aiding communication between the LSL scripting platform and an external web server eventually morphed into a codebase for applications that were made possible by the exchange of data between Second Life and the outside world- though the majority of the code for UHU-4 and UHU-5 never saw the light of a public SVN repository. UHU-6UHU-6 is written from scratch for PHP 5.3 Namespaces. Late static binding. These things won't work in versi

Pygooglecalendar - Python Library to Make Working with Google Calendar API EASY

Update: Google has released its own Calendar/GData Python API: You may prefer to use that one :-( Python library/class for working with Google Calendar API. Sample Usage: import cal a = cal.googCal() a.getAuth('','password') events = a.query('mom's birthday') if events: for event in events: print event['startTime'] print event['title'] print event['content'] Notes: Until we get a working you'll need to install the following