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Exchange-away is a collection of PERL scripts to ease the migration away from a Microsoft Exchange server by migrating migrating accounts/folders using IMAP, and creating new LDAP accounts based off an existing users account.



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Pub2search - Finding pubs or bars within a short distance.

ProblemBeing a visitor or a tourist in a new city is an adventure. You probably have a city map as your primary guidance to look around the city. And mostly, you will try to visit all the famous places shown in the map. One desire could arise while you are enjoying the attractiveness of the city is that you wish to have drinks with your companions or to have chats with the locals or just to have a nice pleasure time. Pubs or bars are the best place to fulfill the wishes with more additions of th

Amazingallery - Collection of things you desire to have in short or longer time periods.

This project enables one to have collections of things that he/she desires to have in a short or longer time periods. Example i saw a watch that i suppose is the best watch i ever saw, i liked it very much and now i store it in Amazing Gallery application. Why? This helps me to keep track of the things i would really desire to have, not being carried away by friends and sales persons when i go for purchase. I will know what type of things i already have and should not purchase or get carried awa

Xmla4js - XML/A for javascript: OLAP for client-side web applications

Xmla4js is a standalone cross-browser javascript library that provides basic XML for Analysis (XML/A) capabilities, allowing webdevelopers to access data and metadata from OLAP provides for use in rich web applications. XML/A is an industry standard protocol to communicate with OLAP servers over HTTP. It defines a SOAP webservice that allows clients to obtain metadata and to execute MDX (multi-dimensional expressions) queries. XML is used as the data exchange format. Xmla4js handles all details

Hsunr - 热��元核�应堆 - Heat Source Unit Nuclear Reactor (HSUNR)

Heat Source Unit Nuclear Reactor (HSUNR) Overview Heat Source Unit Nuclear Reactor is a new reactor design that has simple reactor control mechanism, and can produce high quality heat quality steam, less radiation residual in the heat transfer media, passive safety, transportable unit, modularized nuclear reactor. New Reactor Control Mechanism: The nuclear fuel is homogeniously built into fuel blocks. Each fuel block is mounted to a metal sphere skeleton. The skelleton can be expand to make a bi

Kodingen - Online Development Environment, Online Code Editor, Cloud Coding, Web-based code editor

Hi Everyone, is now open for beta testers after long days and nights of development. We would like to share with you what we have done so far and get your feedback. In this beta release, you can create files, folders, connect to your ftp drives, use mysql databases and code. Our aim in developing Kodingen is to remove all barriers that stand between you and those cool web applications you want to develop. As you know, even to get your simple “Hello World� running, you need to do

Rectask - Recurrent task reminder

Important noticeI am sorry to say that I am abandoning this project. I do not have the time to take it any further, and I have found another libre/opensource application that (using Eric Raymond's words) "scratches the itch" that recTask was meant to "scratch". If anybody wants to take this code as GPL code, please be my guest. If you want to continue this project, do not hesitate to contact me. Happy hacking, RecTaskRecTask is a recurrent task reminder. It helps you to be on top of all those th

Paradice9 - Centralised terminal server for distributed tabletop roleplaying support

AboutParadice9 is a C++ codebase that implements a server that can be connected to by terminal clients in order to enhance a distributed tabletop role-play session. StatusThe project was hacked together in a lunchtime or two, and underwent its initial outing on the 5th of November 2009. Development has continued in a more formal manner from there, and is now our tool of choice for over-the-internet role playing. On the 2nd of December 2010, version 1.0 went live. This contains a major upgrade to

Raick - RAICK - Ragnarok Artificial Intelligence Creation Kit

Become The Creator ! You are visiting the homepage of a unique Ragnarok AI project. Although, it is created for AI purposes, it is not really an AI. RAICK could be defined as a framework for AI creation. Now, this word may not be very familiar to you, but it is actually a very simple concept. This is a set of tools, which brings AI creation to a whole new level. It hides all the nerdy and complex programming stuff and in exchange gives a simple set of intuitive and easy-to-use instruments for yo

Rsclastools - IDL code for generation of basic canopy and terrain products from discrete-return lida

RSC LAS ToolsCurrent version: 1.9.2 (Modification history) RSC LAS ToolsDESCRIPTIONFUNCTIONALITYINSTALLATION AND USEDEPENDENCIESTROUBLESHOOTINGREFERENCES DESCRIPTIONSome IDL routines were written pre-2005 for command-line processing of ASCII Optech ALTM 3025 Lidar data in time-sequential format. Subsequent use of these routines for other projects resulted in the development of a GUI interface and support for LAS format files. This software is not actively developed and better tools now exist for


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