Excel To Form

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Excel2Form? , Excel2App? , excel2form , excel-to-form , Excel to form (extjs) ??? excel ????? form ???? web application ????????? core PHP 5.1.6 (up) Codeigniter 2.0 PHPExcel 1.7.5 ????????




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LibreOffice - The Document foundation

LibreOffice is the free power-packed Open Source personal productivity suite for Windows, Macintosh and Linux. LibreOffice is the perfect choice for home users, businesses, government and other organizations. It's native file format is the ISO standardized ODF (Open Document Format), but LibreOffice can open and save Microsoft Word, PowerPoint and Excel files, as well as many other formats, bringing you the widest-available compatibility with other products.

Excel-to-form - Excel generate ExtJS code with xtype concept

Excel2Form , Excel2App , excel2form , excel-to-form , Excel to form (extjs) ใช้ excel สร้าง form หรือ web application อย่างง่าย core PHP 5.1.6 (up) Codeigniter 2.0 PHPExcel 1.7.5 ประโยชน์ - สามารถสร้าง web form ได้สะดวà¸�รวดเร็ว - ไม่ต้องเขียนโค้ด - ไม่ต้องมีความรู้ภาษาโปรà¹�à¸�รม - ใช้งานง่à¸

Material-management - Material Management System

php based inventory system that sufficiently includes the following modules 1. Inventory listings and searchable via ajax-json feature 2. Purchase Request and Purchase Order filing, submission, approval 3. Good Received Note feature. 4. Material Transfer Form, Production Issue module 5. Stock listings 6. PDF report generation of all the modules, PR/PO/MTF/GRN/PI etc To include: Reporting modules of various reports, shown in Excel and Graphical reports based on user requirements

Moodalbox - MOOdalBox: A modal box (inline popup), used to display remote content loaded using AJAX,

MOOdalBox: A modal box (inline popup), used to display remote content loaded using AJAX, web 2.0 style, written for the mootools framework. It can be used to display some help document, an extra options page, a registration form, etc. It eliminates the need of classic popup windows, that may get blocked by popup blockers. It's originally based on the excellent code behind Slimbox, so it inherits most of it's qualities / functionality. Compressed, it's only 4.2 Kb (about 25 Kb, including images,

Gccv2 - GPS Cycle Computer v2 (GCC)

Yet Another GPS Tracker? - yes, but: - this is a nice one - thanks to excellent design by expo7! And you can set your custom background and button images; - can select GPS run interval: from "always on" to "run every 10 min" - this is useful if you want to reduce battery power usage; - has usual cycle computer display: time, distance, speed (current, average, max) plus a graph of your track. The tool logs GPS data into a binary file (so a lot of data can be stored in a compact form), which can b

Python-fedex - Python API for Fedex's Web Services via SOAP.

python-fedexpython-fedex is a light wrapper for Fedex's Web Services SOAP API. The intent is to stay out of the way of the developer as much as possible, meanwhile handling some of the more repetitive and mundane portions of forming and sending SOAP requests. The module makes use of the excellent suds package along with Python versions 2.5 and up, but not Py3K (yet). What it can doThe following FedEx methods are implemented: Shipment creation Shipment cancellation Track shipments by tracking num

Fuchsia - Javascript micro web app for ideation and harvesting

Fuchsia is a 'micro web app' for simple idea capture and free-form association. It can be used to assemble fragments into structures, like sticky notes on a wall. The import/export functions allow you to cut and paste the notes into a file and then paste them back to the canvas in a separate session. JSON format preserves position and colour. The snapshot function requires Google Gears to be installed. It stores the current notes on your local computer. Some ideas for use: Use it for brainstormi

Mhc-laia-motifs - Search for MHC-like motifs in peptide collections

This utility helps in the search for MHC-like motifs in collections of peptide sequences obtained from proteomic analyses. Motifs will search for sequence motifs characterized by an anchor position defined by the presence of one or several specific amino acids and will determine the frecuency of the different amino acids in each position in the sequence to the right (C-terminal) of the anchor. Amino acids defining the anchor and the motif size are selectable. An additional position in the peptid

Excel Viewer

Excel Viewer is a .net component that allows programmers to load excel application and also excel spreadsheets in our windows form. This component is useful for viewing excel reports in applications. This component is written in C# 2.0.

Pro2js - Prototype profiler tool.

Prototype ProfilerOverviewPrototype Profiler (pro2js) is a utility that can be used to detect poorly performing JavaScript code. In contrast to other profilers, pro2js supports all commonly used browsers (including IE6). It allows you to work with test results easily and performance is excellent. Features:Prototype profiler is a "monkey patch" for the prototype library. It does not require modifications of the prototype code and it can be easily disabled (for example, in different environments).