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eXcavator is an XML query processing class for PHP. It uses a small query language analgous to Xpath/Xquery and returns query results in formats suitable for text and html; it will format results with user-defined templates for all text-based output.




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Walldrawer - an easy alternative to on-site wall drawing for archaeology this software aims at putting together the tools needed to produce scaled, rectified, drawing-like pictures from digital photographs in archaeological excavations.

Excavation - An open source FPS (with RPG elements) video game with Creative Commons content

Excavation is a first person shooter with some RPG elements like dialogue trees and "leveling up" your character. The game is inspired initially by the Descent series of games, as the majority of the action in the game is played in a ship with 6DOF (Six Degrees of Freedom) movement. The game will be built using open source technologies (Blender, Gimp, Horde3d, etc), and all content (textures, sounds, music, models, etc) will either be creative commons sourced, or original and released under a cr

Elephantine-client - a webclient for high quality web printing and exporting geodata

AbstractThe excavations of the German Archaeological Institute on Elephantine Island at the southern border of Egypt aims to fully explore the settlement's history from Prehistory to the Islamic era. The data collected during the past decades of research are widespread and heterogeneous and a lot of effort is spent to collect a set of common information on the results to enable future analysis on a consistent basis. As part of this process, all published plans of the project are under way of dig

Apocalyptus - Apocalyptus is a FPS PC game which is being created by blooddrunk studios

Apocalyptus is a FPS PC game which is being created by Blooddrunk Game Studios, We are aiming it to be a psychologically disturbing horror FPS one of the first of its Genre, We are only going to focus on creating the tutorial and the first level of this game. We will consider making the rest of the game if we generate a following of fans. this is a brief prologue to the story design. The year is 2059, on planet Earth. After medical science hit a miracle breakthrough in 2019, because of this brea

Excavate - Excavating made easy.

Excavating made easy.

trowel - A Code Excavation Toolkit

A Code Excavation Toolkit

deep - excavate computer artifacts

excavate computer artifacts

ExManager - Archaeological Excavation Manager

Archaeological Excavation Manager

bucket-wheel - Bucket-Wheel Excavator

Bucket-Wheel Excavator

Auburn-Lunar-Excavator - The control software for the 2009 Auburn Lunar Excavator Entry.

The control software for the 2009 Auburn Lunar Excavator Entry.