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Firefox, Safari and Opera 9 support the canvas tag to allow 2D command-based drawing. ExplorerCanvas brings the same functionality to Internet Explorer. To use, web developers only need to include a single script tag in their existing web pages.




Related Projects

Jquery-affine - image transformation jquery plugin

plugin helps to rotate, scale, move images using canvas. To keep code consistent and easier to support/understand for IE used excanvas.js (http://code.google.com/p/explorercanvas/)

Curly-canvas - This project implements a class library to provide an objectorientated api to the the

This project implements a class library to provide an objectorientated api to the the HTML 5 canvas tag. To enable canvas support in internet explorer have a look on the excanvas project. This library has no dependencies to any other framework. The automatically generated documentation can be found here: http://js.curlybracket.de/Canvas/doc/

Jsjcs - javascript japaneese candle stick

Small js-library to draw japaneese candle stick - a kind of stock graph - in web application. It enables only fixed scales to avoid blur, moire and same pixel-based artifacts - so it looks pretty. It use html canvas tag for drawing, so it doesnt work in MS IE. (It will be great if someone helps me port it to IE with excanvas.)

Milkchart - Graph/Chart library for MooTools

MOVED TO GITHUBThis project has been moved to GitHub so it could be hosted on the MooTools Forge. Please use the version found at the Forge. A simple to use, yet robust library for transforming table data into a chart. This library uses the HTML5 <canvas> tag and is only supported on browsers other than IE until ExCanvas gets proper text support. Supported TypesAll of the graphs use shared options from the Base class. Column Bar Line Scatter Pie To DoArea Other?

Plotex - cross-platform drawing api for haxe

Plotex is a cross-platform very light-weight drawing api for Haxe witch targets flash (6-9) and java script (via Html Canvas). Canvas drawings works on all major browsers (great on Firefox and Safari, pretty good on IE (with google excanvas) and Opera). The Goal of the project is to provide simple and very light-weight api which can be compiled to flash and java script and the results look identical on all supported platforms.

Image-processing-tool - An easy to use script that allows your website users to zoom, rotate and pan

The image-processing-tool project has been deprecated and will no longer be maintained here. The project is now available as YAPI Viewer project in http://code.google.com/p/yapi-viewer.

Extflot - Extended flot by Ext JS

日本語版� ProjectSummaryJa ��り�� (Japanese edition is ProjectSummaryJa) About Ext FlotExt Flot is an extension of flot on Ext JS. It's a pure javascript implementation. Ext Flot depends on the following library. flot 0.5 (and latest r156) explorer canvas (latest r60) Ext JS 2.2.1 (+ 3.0 rc1.1) jQuery 1.2.3 (+ latest 1.3.2 (jQuery.extend is rollbacked)) fugue 1.0 ForumExt.ux.Flot has a thread in Ext JS User Extensions and Plugins Ext JS Forums ExampleUse examples are on the follow

Fluidcanvas - A JavaScript-library for simplifying the use of HTML5 &lt;canvas&gt; with focus on fra

FluidCanvas handles the ugly parts of working with canvas: Cross-Browser creation (including ExCanvas), managing the drawloop, loading resources, calculating text dimensions, wrapping and placement, etc. so you can concentrate on coding your application/animation instead of struggling with those things. It is built on top of the excellent base2 by Dean Edwards (http://code.google.com/p/base2/) for proper namespace separation and inheritance. Base2 is required for FluidCanvas to work. Recommended

Lapgo - Lapgo工程

Lapgo js库 代�http://code.google.com/p/lapgo/source/checkout 目标构建WebOS所需的UI组件 基础框架mootools�excanvas 下一目标实现Dock组件 目�进展增加一个ie下的仿firebug的调试工具 完�WindowManager的实现 3/30/2008 完�Window�其WindowMask的实现 3/25/2008 实现部分所需的基础库与工具库,�建测试框架 3/2/2008