ExB - ExB Xenophobic Bot

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A fast, sleak, and extensible IRC bot, written in Ruby. Using plugins to provide all functionality wanted.




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Exbs - EXBS -- Execute By String -- a modular command line framework

The project created a modular framework; that enables the developer to plug their class as a new module for EXBS project. Accessing their command through the EXBS Shell. Exbs shell is a very simple module run in windows mode. Advanced developer may write up their own Shell and use framework console as the backend. There is number of modules that already implemented as an example of framework usage in the repository also. Developer may study howto use the framework from that examples. Right now,

Gkw - Gyro-kinetic simulation code for the study of turbulence in magnetised plasmas. A tool for fus

GKW (Gyro-Kinetics at Warwick) is a dedicated software tool for the study of turbulence in a tokamak plasma in the local limit. It includes (but is not limited to) the full toroidal geometry of the tokamak (for a real MHD equilibrium through an interface with the CHEASE code) kinetic electrons and an arbitrary number of ion species electro-magnetic effects; both perturbations in the vector potential parallel as well as perpendicular the background magnetic field. collisions, both pitch angle sca

exb - erlang xmpp bot

erlang xmpp bot

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File Browser for FeOS


A simple backbone.js website that displays a poem using Handlebars.js. Designed for "Building Backbone.js apps with Backlift part 1: Views and Templates."


A photo gallery that displays images from the photos folder. Created for "Building backbone.js apps with Backlift Part 2: Collections and Forms."