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Ex-Tip is a proof-of-concept project to demonstrate the utility of a portable, extensible forensic timeline framework written in Perl. Common modules are supplied, and the simplicity of the framework enables creation of new modules in the field.




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Eventh - Single-use file transfer system utilizing HTTP and/or FTP.

Event Horizon, EVH, is a web-based application which facilitates the secure transfer of files. Originally designed to replace FTP transfers, EVH currently allows uploads via HTTP and can also handle files uploaded via FTP. All file uploads are assigned an expiration period, after which the file is permanently removed from the system. This allows for automatic cleanup as well, keeping the underlying filesystem in tip-top shape. Please keep in mind that this application was not originally intended

Packagetracker - Package Tracker

Track Packages sent by FedEx, UPS, & USPS using Package Tracker! on status change user is notified by 1. Balloon Tip! or 2. Growl NOTE: Growl For Windows must be installed & running for growl notifications to work!

Txt2mp3mac - Convert text files to mp3 on Mac OS X

RequirementsMac OS X 10.2.2 or newer PurposeThis is an applescript application that converts a given text file to mp3. Useful for creating audiobooks from ebooks, listening to lecture notes on the go, etc. It employs the default Mac OS X speech synthesizer for text-to-speech and a bundled universal binary of LAME v3.98 for mp3 conversion. ImplementationThe default Mac OS X speech synthesizer will generate uncompressed AIFF files that can get rather large if the given text file is long (ex. a boo

External-exe - External.exe

IntroductionExternal.exe allows using an external editor from any Windows application. It was originally developed by Ben Collerson, starting from discussions around Vim tip 805. With version 0.3 and with permission from Ben, External.exe has been updated from GPLv2 to GPLv3 and hosting has moved to Google Code Project Hosting. Example Use CaseIn a web browser's text entry box you hit a keyboard shortcut, such as Windows-V. The current contents of the text entry box open in a text editor, for ex

Gkw - Gyro-kinetic simulation code for the study of turbulence in magnetised plasmas. A tool for fus

GKW (Gyro-Kinetics at Warwick) is a dedicated software tool for the study of turbulence in a tokamak plasma in the local limit. It includes (but is not limited to) the full toroidal geometry of the tokamak (for a real MHD equilibrium through an interface with the CHEASE code) kinetic electrons and an arbitrary number of ion species electro-magnetic effects; both perturbations in the vector potential parallel as well as perpendicular the background magnetic field. collisions, both pitch angle sca

Clipall - Clipboard History Application

ClipAll keeps the history of the clipboard and adds extensive features such as : + unlimitied clipboard storage both as file paths and text. + search capabilities among clipboard history items + categorizing the clipboard history items. + bookmarking + serial pasting + google ---------------------------------------------------- jre 6 or above is required to run the application. http://java.sun.com/javase/downloads/index.jsp shortcuts: win + A --> to display search panel. (not configurable for th

Sci1c - Элемент управлени� Scintilla дл� 1�

1sci.dll - внешн�� компонента дл� 1С:Предпри�тие ВК реализует �лемент управлени� Scintilla. �е требует реги�трации в рее�тре. Реализует интерфей� v7Control, �ледовательно �оздает�� на форме и через FormEx, и через кла�� Форма в 1�++ вер�ий 2.5 и �тарше Методы аналогичны методам "родного" ЭУ Scin

Gppanel - Graph panel for wxWidget.

gpPanelEasy Chart panel for wxWidgetgpPanel is chart libary for wxWidget. It inheritance from wxPanel and use modified wxMathPlot library at chart engine. Flexible to use and easy to implement new gpLayers from examples. VideoBecause video explain more than thousand words, there it is: News23.4.2012 everal updates for folder structures header implementations to own files new features to mathplot 21.4.2012 hange license type to wxWindows Library License v3.1 License. ajor update for all part of c

junos-chef-examples - Examples, tips, and hacks for EX/QFX

Examples, tips, and hacks for EX/QFX