Enterprise Web Services

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This project is an implementation of JSR 109 specification. It uses Apache Axis as the SOAP Stack and implements all necessary modules to plugin in support for JSR 109 into any J2EE App Server.




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J2EE, OS/DB independent MIS, BI, PM amp; Report Designer for SUPERVISORS

Ewmn - Set of projects for Eshkol Wachman Movement Notation

This is a project suite for the visualization of the Eskol Wachman Movement Notation. Projects include: 1) EW Horizonal Plane Visualization 2) EW System of Reference Visualization 3) EW Animator

Ttoi-project - backup-python

My site code backup https://ttoi-project.googlecode.com/svn/trunk/ username:1234ttoi password:Vk4fv7Ab4eW3


A Ruby client access library for Microsoft Exchange Web Services (EWS)

Ewstest - Test using EWS and PHP

Sample application using EWS and PHP

Exchange-calendar-rss - An example PHP app that generates an RSS feed from a user's Exchange 200

An examples of how to use PHP and the Exchange Web Services (EWS) interface to generate an RSS feed from a user's calendar similar to what can be done with Google Calendar. Mainly for my own edification but can be used as a full working examples of using PHP and EWS together since I haven't been able to find any others. This code can use the NTLMSoapClient Class by Thomas Rabaix. ( http://rabaix.net/en/articles/2008/03/13/using-soap-php-with-ntlm-authentication ) It also uses the PHP Universal F