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thewms is warehouse manager system! For the logistics industry! The team learning project! Built on the mvc3.0 and wcf ! Using jquery js framework as front end




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Ewm - a java based window manager.

Erik's Window Manager is the code name for a Java based window manager. It utilizes a loosely coupled frond and back-end to allow maximum flexibility and portability. Extremely FlexibleBecause of the loose coupling of the entire program a wide variety of user interaction and visualization is possible. Future support for multi pointer X, mirroring 2 independent application's, joining user desktops, rendering in OpenGL, AJAX or Android and much more are only a breeze away. Current StatusFor now th

Obmenka - Обменный пункт ewm (разработка)

Обменный пункт ewm (разработка)

Ewm123-contacts-birthday - 在google日历中增加�系人的生日(包括农历生日)

获��系人列表 读��系人的生日和农历生日(农历生日是Event) 生�icalendar 如果农历生日=生日,�生�农历生日,如果没有农历生日,�生�阳历生日,�则生�农历生日和阳历生日

ewm - Evan's Window Manager - My own custom wm based on xcb.

Evan's Window Manager - My own custom wm based on xcb.