eVote(R)/Clerk Vote-keeping Software

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eVote(R)/Clerk is a specialized database server and user-interfaces for keeping votes. The unique architecture enables user-generated polls, secret or public votes, the ability to change your vote, and security from attack from the administrator.




Related Projects

Evoting - Simple e-voting project

It's a simple project for an educational purpose consisting of e-voting of different types with various database and security systems implemented and / or used. The project's main platform is Linux of any kind ( primary target: compilations like Ubuntu ) and / or Windows ( perhaps ).

Elekto - Java Voting System Framework

A generic voting system implementation targeted for small and medium enterprise election which provides multiple kind of election fully secured and traceable on Java service platform and web application client. The very first version will target French results reporting of CE & DP elections to normalized PDF Cerfa document.

Mobile-voting-system - A mobile voting system for use with feature phones and Android phones

The aim of this work is to design and implement an electronic voting application for the Android platform that will enable people to vote securely from anywhere. The application as a whole is aimed at being compatible with devices from many manufacturers and running different versions of the operating system. The application is also aimed at being localised.

TimBazinga EVoting

Undergrad project - designing an e-voting software system.

Sagarproj1 - electronic voting , a fastest way for voting online

This application provides a natural user friendly interface for e-voting online

Votebox - A tamper-evident, verifiable electronic voting system

IntroductionVoteBox is an electronic voting system designed by computer security researchers at Rice University. It is not an Internet-based voting platform; rather, it is software that is intended to be used on computer terminals in a supervised polling place. VoteBox runs on standard Macs, Windows, and Linux computers. The design of VoteBox is described in detail in several research papers, particularly our paper and presentation from USENIX Security 2008. The project home page is votebox.cs.r

Java-evote - An electronic voting system implemented in Java.

A Java project for creating a cryptographic protocol to implement an electronic voting system. It utilices the Java cryptographic API.

Fp-aps-c-klp06 - e-vote kahima

electronic voting for leader college's students election