Win32 port of Evolution groupware client

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Centralizing efforts in view of a native win32 port of Evolution groupware client



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Mindforth - Russian, German, English Artificial Intelligence

TrendingThe Russian AI User Manual (in English, with link to a Russian translation) explains how to operate the Dushka Russian AI. Meanwhile, the newest Russian AI work involves setting up dummy BeVerb engrams in conceptual, lexical and auditory memory so that the Dushka Russian AI can both understand and generate Russian sentences lacking a present-tense be-verb. TheoryBrainTheory is the design basis of MindForth artificial intelligence. The CognitiveArchitecture is carefully designed to permit

Levolution - Application for modelling point defects in crystallites and real-time 3D view output

lEvolution is an application for modeling point defects in crystallites and outputting 3D-view of the model in real time. lEvolution employs both pair-wise potentials and embedded atom method for finding equilibrium shape of the crystallite. Application allows user to create models of BCC and FCC crystallites and place point defects in them - vacancies, impurities and interstitials. User can rotate or shift the model view whatever he likes. Available calculations: finding equilibrium shape calcu

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1. Introduction A practical and handy peak alignment method (alignDE) is proposed, implemented in this research for first-order chromatograms, which basically consists of five steps: (1) chromatograms lengths equalization using linear interpolation; (2) accurate peak pattern matching by continuous wavelet transform (CWT) with the Mexican Hat and Haar wavelets as its mother wavelets; (3) flexible baseline fitting utilizing penalized least squares; (4) peak clustering when gap of two peaks is larg