Adapting the TI_EVM_3530 BSP to the Beagle Board

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evmonbeagle makes it easy for Beagle Board owners to get up and running with WinCE 6 R2. TI offers a free WinCE BSP for their EVM OMAP35xx evaluation board. This project focuses on adaptions required to make this BSP run on the BeagleBoard, and potentially the Gumstix Overo.



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Roombadrive - *nix software for the Roomba

Software for the Roomba, as well as supporting OMAP3 setup for driving the roomba on a beagle board.

Puppybits - library and demos for beagleboard bare-metal hacking

puppy bitsThis aims to be a small library of functions and tools for programming a BeagleBoard (or potentially other OMAP3 based systems) without an operating system. Plus a few demos which use the library. It may or may not ever be in a fully compilable state, but may provide information on programming this devishly devious device regardless. At this point the code is stand-alone, and does not require a c library, but that may change in the future. Note I haven't totally given up on this but I'

Gles2n64 - OpenGL ES 2.0 port of glN64 graphics plugin

This project aims to port the Nintendo 64 graphics plugin glN64 to OpenGL ES 2.0 supporting devices (OMAP3, etc). Since most OGLES2 devices are constrained platforms, Performance will be a high priority. Much of the core gln64 rendering has been rewritten to use native OpenGL ES 2.0, It emulates combiners with shaders and uses vertex arrays. In its current state (14/12/09) it renders most games glN64 supports. Potentially it has greater compatibility (ie it supports PRIM_LOD combiners, etc).

Linux and Android for OMAP850 Devices

Our project aims to develop Linux and Android support for T-Mobile Wing, HTC Herald, and other OMAP850-based devices.

Pyc6accel - PyC6Accel for OMAP3530

PyC6Accel for OMAP3530. Using C6Accel is core library.

Arm-gui-framework - Java GUI Framework for omap5912 board

This project's purpose is to develop and test the performance of Java GUI based on sdljava on omap5912 board.

Freebsd-bgb - Porting FreeBSD to the BeagleBoard

This project aims at porting FreeBSD to the Omap processor, using the BeagleBoard, which is an inexpensive board built around it.

Omap3opensource - open source porting to omap customized board

open source porting to omap3 customerized board 1. x-loader support for different omap3 board, such as evm, beagle, logicpd, sdp etc NOTES: for all beagleboard download, please refer to: [[]] 2. u-boot based on omap3 board 3. linux kernel for omap3 4. filesystem & porting application for omap 5. boot utilities such as uart boot, usb boot, sd/mmc format etc 6. wince bsp support for omap board

Finger-detection-and-gesture-recognition - Finger detection, using in gesture recognition

My project is "Gesture recognition, using the Beagleboard". My approach on gesture recognition is based on finger detection. The numbers, position of fingers will decide the gesture