EVM Virtual Machine

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EVM is a 32-bit virtual machine designed for easy implementation. It supports bounds checking, real-time linking and JIT compilation on x86 architecture. No platform-specific calls or byte order dependencies. Comes with an optimizing C compiler.




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EVidenceModeler (EVM)

EVidenceModeler (aka EVM) combines ab initio gene predictions and spliced protein and transcript alignments into weighted consensus gene structure predictions.

Enterprise Volume Management System

The EVMS Project uses a layered, plug-in model to provide unparalleled flexibility and extensibility in managing storage. This allows for easy expansion or customization of various levels of volume management.

Adapting the TI_EVM_3530 BSP to the Beagle Board

evmonbeagle makes it easy for Beagle Board owners to get up and running with WinCE 6 R2. TI offers a free WinCE BSP for their EVM OMAP35xx evaluation board. This project focuses on adaptions required to make this BSP run on the BeagleBoard, and potentially the Gumstix Overo.


Develop PC based voting machine software for demonstration. Production quality software development project to follow successful demo.

Omap3opensource - open source porting to omap customized board

open source porting to omap3 customerized board 1. x-loader support for different omap3 board, such as evm, beagle, logicpd, sdp etc NOTES: for all beagleboard download, please refer to: [[http://code.google.com/p/beagleboard/downloads/list]] 2. u-boot based on omap3 board 3. linux kernel for omap3 4. filesystem & porting application for omap 5. boot utilities such as uart boot, usb boot, sd/mmc format etc 6. wince bsp support for omap board


S3C4510 / S3C4530 evaluation board Schematics/topology/Bill of materials of a evaluation board based on the communication controller S3C4510/S3C4530. Hardware tests for this board (standalone programm, command line, MIT). uClinux patches (ucLinux, GPL).

Calixtosystems - Calixto Systems Software Page

Calixto Systems was established with primary objective to excel in Design, Prototype and Production of energy efficient Embedded Systems. Our aim is to help our customers translate their innovative product ideas in to reality with most optimum investment (time, money and people). Core to this strategy is Calixto systems cost effective System on Module (SOM)s based on Texas Instruments Microprocessors. More information about Calixto systems please visit: www.calixtosystems.com This site will host

EVM2012 - The new EVM theme

The new EVM theme

evm-bin - Host repo for EVM binary files

Host repo for EVM binary files