Nodezilla Clients

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Nodezilla is a secured, distributed, and fault tolerant routing system (or grid network) that supports distributed services such as file sharing, chat, efficient video multicast streaming, and secured file storage.



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Zooball-game-class-spring-2009 - Foosball for multi-touch.

What is Zooball?Zooball is a dynamic, high speed, fast action table top version of the classic foosball game featuring the favorite mascots of LSU Tigers verses the UIC Dragons. This is a table top, video game for multi-player strategies. It is created for the TacTile multi-touch interface with an unearthly 360 degrees of play, this freeing us from the force of gravity. Hand gestures across the sensitive screen command the action liberating the gamer from the conventions of controllers and other

dttools: DeltaT sonar processing and surface generation tools

The deltat processing tools (dttools) are used to process the data coming from the ENDURANCE mission to Lake Bonney, Antarctica ( NASA's Astrobiology Science and Technology for Exploring Planets (ASTEP) Program is supporting ENDURANCE - the Environmentally Non-Disturbing Under-ice Robotic ANtarctic Explorer - to demonstrate concepts for exploring the ice-covered ocean on Jupiter's moon Europa. ENDURANCE is designed to swim untethered under ice, in order to creat

Simboid - Simulation of Boids/Flocks

Boid simulation done as a project for CS525 Spring 2010 course at UIC/EVL.

Cheeseburgerparadise - CG performance of Cheeseburger in Paradise by Jimmy Buffett

An Ogre based implementation of a motion capture driven animation of CG characters performing Jimmy Buffett's Cheeseburger in Paradise song. This is a group project for Andy Johnson's Computer Animation class at the University of Illinois at Chicago ( The code is based on Sangyoon "James" Lee's MotionViewer application ( developed at the Electronic Visualization Lab (

Evladdons - Evl's World of Warcraft Addons

I've moved to GitHub, please update your links.

Linsound - C++ and Java/Processing based library to play music under linux

This library is a combination of c++ files as well as java/processing files in order to play sound on a linux machine. This is used because there is no good sound library for java for linux.

Evl-graduate-students - Things you should know as an EVL graduate student

Before startIf you haven't, you should really take a look at Jason's "fear" page. I found H.T. Kung's talk helpful too. I will list whatever come to mind at this moment. Qualification examFrom GRE subject to whatever current system is. PrelimResearch, prototype implementation, writing proposal, slides, committee, get department approval (forms), scheduling prelim date and actually do it. DefenseMore research, more implementation, writing, slides, committee, get department approval (forms), sched


Addon for World of Warcraft - Enhances the default Blizzard Combat Text (original by evl)

E-men - Project 5 for CS491

IntroductionWhile the amount of data gathered in various domains increases, the need for developing interactive visualizations to help scientists understand and process the data faster arouses. In this project we will focus on crime visualization. The Chicago Tribune newspaper has a webpage that stores all the crimes in a particular zip code and time interval. In the Chicago Tribune website the data is presented in HTML tables and we will try to visualize it in a better understandable and intera