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winxp service to update dynamic ip\\\\\\\'s over everydns.net




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Everydns-php-client - A php client for the everydns service.

A php class that acts as a client for the dynamic domain for the everydns service. This project is free to all. If you have any issues with using this class let me know via the issues list.

Edns-py - Pyton client for EveryDNS dynamic DNS service

Python client for EveryDNS dynamic DNS serviceinspired by eDNS.pl

Everydnsupdate - Updater for everyDNS dynamic domains

This program checks if your everyDNS dynamic domain is set to your current IP, and if it isn't it updates. It uses whatismyip.org to do the IP detection so it works from behind a router. You should only run it every 10 minutes due to a whatismyip.org restriction. I will work on finding an alternative means of doing it.

everydnshi - EveryDNS dynamic domains updater

EveryDNS dynamic domains updater


a clone of former everydns.net


A ruby client for managing EveryDNS domains

everyslurp - EveryDNS => CloudFlare Transition Tool Bookmarklet

EveryDNS => CloudFlare Transition Tool Bookmarklet