Evernote Exporter

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Evernote Exporter is a tiny desktop app that performs a scheduled backup/export of all your Evernote notes. Your notes are exported to a single .enex file, Evernote's official XML archive format.




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An open source client for Evernote.


A view controller that organizes multiple navigation controllers in a stack inspired by Evernote 5.0 app

everpad - Evernote client well integrated with linux desktop

Evernote client well integrated with linux desktop


A custom iOS status bar overlay seen in Apps like Reeder, Evernote and Google Mobile App

Notecalendar - Evernote + Quartz = task scheduler

Web project to create a online task scheduler using evernote system.

Evimsync - A simple tool to sync notes between Evernote and GMail

Syncs notes from Evernote to GMail or vice-versa. Please go the the home page for more details.

People's Note

People's Note is a polished Windows Mobile note taking application with full-featured Evernote integration.

EverNote Dropper Tool

The overall purpose of this tool is to track all files which have been dropped from a ‘Source’ folder to the EverNote ‘Dropper’ folder.


A Ruby client for Evernote

evervim - edit evernote on vim.

edit evernote on vim.