Event Viewer Manager

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Through this program you can add / delete EventLogs and EventSources inside the Microsoft Windows operating system.




Related Projects

OtrosLogViewer - Log parser and Viewer

OtrosLogViewer can read log files formatted in Log4j (pattern and XMLL yout), java.util.logging. Source of events can be local or remote file (ftp, sftp, sa ba, http) or sockets. It has many powerful features like filtering marking, formatting, adding notes, etc. It could also format SOAP messages in logs.

Chainsaw - log viewer and analysis tool

Chainsaw is a companion application to Log4j written by members of the Log4j development community. Chainsaw can read log files formatted in Log4j's XMLLayout, receive events from remote locations, read events from a DB, it can even work with the JDK 1.4 logging events.


NeuroScope is an advanced viewer for electrophysiological and behavioral data (with limited editing capabilities): it can display local field potentials (EEG), neuronal spikes, behavioral events, and the position of the animal in the environment.

Windows Inventory

Windows Inventory. A Computer Hardware and Software Inventory system. Based around wmi, vbscript, mysql amp; php. Expandable via modules to include software distribution, remote control, event viewer, disk monitoring, etc.

Eamon - little executable for monitoring event viewer error messages

little executable for monitoring event viewer error messages. runs in the background, and pops up a bubble when there is a error logged to the event viewer on windows

Extensibleeventviewer - Event viewer for Windows with additional features

IntroductionExtensibleEventViewer is a alternative to built-in Windows EventLog Viewer and a few others proprietary tools. Currently there's no release version as it's still under development, but you can checkout source code to try it. I would like to ask you to go to "Issues" tab and write some of your thoughts which can help me to make ExtensibleEventViewer better.

Better-event-viewer - Provides a better way of viewing or modifying MS event log information.

Better Event Viewer provides an alternative way of viewing or modifying MS event log information.Current features:* Clearing all entries in all event logs.* Removing all event logs on a system.Future features:* Save all logs.* Export logs to XML.* And more...Better Event Viewer is built using the .NET 2.0 Framework and Visual Studio.NET 2005.

TracerX Logger/Viewer for .NET

TracerX is a .NET logger with a powerful viewer that supports filtering/coloring by threads, category, trace level, and more. Output can go to a circular log file, event log, console/command window, or Trace.WriteLine(). The viewer can collapse and expand method calls, view/walk

Nlogcruncher - A windows viewer/GUI for NLog

nLogCrunchernLogCrucher is an NLog viewer. Functional but feature lean and without documentation. Only try it if your brave. Other log viewers that can be used with NLog: NLogViewer (unsure what its development status is) Chainsaw I think any Log4Net viewer could be used, but I'm unsure. Works (with some limitations like '|' characters in the log message) with the NLog target: <target name="network" xsi:type="Network" address="udp://"\tlayout="${date:format=HH\\:MM\\:ss.fff} | ${lo

Jquery-localtime - Displays a time in the correct timezone for the local viewer

This jQuery plug-in designed to display a time in the correct timezone for the viewer; ideal for international audiences of your web site. For example, if you have an event happening at 10:00 PST (18:00 UTC), viewers in Germany will see a time of 19:00, viewers in New York will see a time of 13:00, and those from Sydney, Australia will see a time of 05:00. This relies on the browsers knowledge of the timezone the viewer is located in; as a content provider, all you need to know is the time in UT

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