.NET Event Spy

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Full information available here: http://martincarolan.blogspot.com/2011/01/secret-project.html Simple development/debugging tool that hooks into and monitors events raised on any .NET object




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Cogumbreiro - Cogumbreiro's code trunk

This is where Tiago Cogumbreiro keeps some Python modules he created. Some modules are: flatten.py: flattens an iteration which may itself contain iterators. dependencies.py: module for handling dependencies. events.py: two approaches to implement event based applications. matcher.py: allows pattern matching in the arguments of functions. persistentgtk.py: tries to make Gtk+ widgets persistent. signalholder.py: helps the handling of the signals of the Gtk+ library, making them more object orient

Devobot - Base framework for libsl bots written in Python

DevoBot provides a base framework for writing SecondLife bots that are controlled via commands sent through instant messages. The main goal is to allow extremely rapid development by providing the ability to modify source code without having to recompile or even relog the bot account. SupportIf you have a legitimate bug or patch then by all means use the issue tracker but otherwise please do not request assistance here for issues specific to libomv or for IronPython help as there's already a wea