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EventGhost is an automation tool for MS Windows, that can be extended through plug-ins. Please visit http://www.eventghost.net/ to find more info and the latest release.




Related Projects

Commandfusion - Open Source projects for use with various CommandFusion products.

CommandFusion Open Source ProjectsThis is a collection of various open source projects created for use with CommandFusion software. Current ProjectsiViewer Crestron Module - downloads available for firmware 4.x and 3.x (including demo SIMPL programs) iViewer AMX Module .NET Control - allow iViewer to communicate with your VB.NET or C# application by adding a reference to our iViewer .NET Control DLL guiDesigner Plugins - Expand the functionality of our CommandFusion guiDesigner software with you

EGRemote Studio

EGRemote Studio is a gateway application that enables communication between Eventghost and Google's push messaging service.

Clapper - Clap detection plugin for EventGhost

Clap detection plugin for EventGhost


A plugin for EventGhost for sending commands to Onkyo devices over ethernet using the ISCP protocol

RX-V867-EventGhost-Plugin - Plugin for EventGhost to control Yamaha RX-V867 receivers.

Plugin for EventGhost to control Yamaha RX-V867 receivers.