Eve Markets

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"Eve Markets" est un projet pour le jeu EveOnline.




Related Projects

Eve-marketer - Eve-Online market analyzer

Analyzes exported marketlogs from Eve-Online. First, look at NavBot -- maybe it will be more suiteable for you. Then look at http://eve-central.com/. These are projects with the same or very similar features. Goals of this project and differences from NavBot & EveCentral. Install Finding

Eve-desktop - Collection of tools for eve-online players

Collection of tools for eve-online players aimed at simplifying calculations and corporation management.

Eveinformation - Tools for working with Eve-online

Tools and widgets for getting and working with information gained from the Eve-online api and related sites

Evemanager - EvE-Online Multi tool

Build in Eclipse RCP EvEManager will be platform independence tool, to help EvE-Online players.

Jeveproject - Eve API and tools written in JAVA

JEVE PROJECTThis project will continue where Jeve has left.Further improving the API for EVE-Online. Currently our wiki is hosted here Forum

Jeveassets - Asset Manager for eve-online

Tool to search and filter your eve-online assets written in Java. We don't use google SVN, see the homepage for read-only SVN access. Want to join the project? Send an email to niklaskr@gmail.com

Empa - EVE MultiPurpose Application

A modular application which uses the EVE API as it's core source of data to give character, corporations, and alliances a way to maximize their enjoyment of the greatest on-line game ever known EVE-Online.

Goonielagsploit - Goonie Lagsploit 2D

This is a short python game designed to poke fun at the political situation in the MMORPG EVE-ONLINE and the "War for new eden". The music is by "Robotnik" and is under the GPL as well (I believe the GPL is a perfectly adequate music licence imho). Thanks to the goons for the crayon drawings of spaceships. I'll upgrade the licence to GPL 3.0 when google code supports it.

Eveapi - Java parser library for retrieving data from api.eve-online.com

This library provides Java parsers that retrieve xml data from the eve-online API and serves that data in easy to handle Java objects. If you're happy with this lib feel free to make an isk donation to the character "Zy'or Tealon" ingame. If you have any questions / suggestions feel free to convo / evemail me.

Eveskillwatcher - Skillmonitor for EVE Online

EveSkillWatcher is a small skillmonitor to watch EVE-Online - characters. Based on Nokia's QT-4 it's available for nearly any plattform. InstallationDownload ESW4Win-full-*.7z or .exe, extract it an replace esw.exe with esw.exe from ESW4Win-*.zip.