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A realtime evaluator/debug tool for PHP, and the Dojo toolkit packed in a single PHP file. Code is executed server-side as you type, results returned via AJAX. See code in action as you type. Comes with a code indentation WYSIWYG and a MySQL browser.




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Pyv8 - Python Wrapper for Google V8 Javascript Engine

PyV8 is a python wrapper for Google V8 engine, it act as a bridge between the Python and JavaScript objects, and support to hosting Google's v8 engine in a python script. >>> import PyV8>>> ctxt = PyV8.JSContext() # create a context with an implicit global object>>> ctxt.enter() # enter the context (also support with statement)>>> ctxt.eval("1+2") # evalute the javascript expression3 # return a native python int>>> class Global(PyV8.JSClass): # define a compatible javascript class... def hello(s

Gunbasic-js - Javascript Ajax Ad Hoc Library

Gun Basic-JS is a Simple, Ad hoc library for Web Developers that dont want to create fat html clients. It works by allowing Ajax responses to be self descriptive allowing it to update to which DIV or Evaluating any Javascript codes. It is extremely simple to use, very small code base. Targets web developers that are not inclined to code too much on Javascript. It is free from any Javascript Libraries, Stand alone. ExampleTo make a GunBasic Call autoajaxcall (null, 'GET', 'js.html', 'exampleparam

Labsharp - Lab# : Matlab and Scilab access from C#

Lab# is a .Net library written in C# 2.0 to interact with MATLAB® from any .Net application. Technically Lab# is a wrapper around the MATLAB engine API. This API allow you to get and put matrices in MATLAB. The target of the library is to become fully capable to send and receive data from MATLAB and Scilab, both to running instances and to compatible binary files. Examples// This example create an array with the values of the function// f(x) = sin(x / 10); on the [0..100] range and display it i

Vim-pyinteractive-plugin - Python read-eval-print loop inside Vim

Copyright (c) 2010-2011 clericJ <py.cleric at gmail.com> PyInteractive Vim PluginSimple python read-eval-print loop inside Vim DescriptionThis plugin is a simple realization of read-eval-print loop for Python in Vim command window. It requires Python support (see +python) and at least version 2.6 of Python interpreter (you can check python version by running :py import sys; print(sys.version) ). InstallationUnzip the most recent ZIP archive file (see below) inside your Vim profile directory (usu

Iperl - Shell::Perl - A read-eval-print loop for Perl

This is the implementation of a command-line interpreter for Perl. I wrote this because I was tired of using irb when needing a calculator with a real language within. Ah, that and because it was damn easy to write it. To tell the truth, it is far from ready or complete. But it works already and can be very handy. $ pirlWelcome to the Perl shell. Type ':help' for more informationpirl @> 1+12pirl @> use YAML qw(Load Dump);()pirl @> $data = Load('--- { a: 1, b: [ 1, 2, 3] }\');{ a => 1, b => [1, 2

Fast-el - Fast Expression Language

Fel是轻é‡�级的高效的表达å¼�计算引擎。Fel在æº�自于ä¼�业项目,设计目标是为了满足ä¸�æ–­å�˜åŒ–的功能需求和性能需求。 Fel是开放的,引擎执行中的多个模å�—都å�¯ä»¥æ‰©å±•æˆ–替æ�¢ã€‚Fel的执行主è¦�是通过函数实现,è¿�算符(+ã€�-等都是Fel函数),所有这些函数都是å�¯ä»¥æ›¿æ�¢çš„,扩展函数也é�žå¸¸ç®€å�•ã€‚ Fel有å�Œå¼•æ“Žï¼Œå�Œæ—¶æ”¯æŒ�解释执行和编译执行。å�¯ä»¥æ ¹æ�®æ€§èƒ½è¦�求选择执行方å¼�。编译执行å°

Formvalidation - simple but effective Mootools Formvalidation

Mootools FormvalidationThis project aims to stop the hassle of form validation. The syntax is super-simple, unobtrusive and extendable: the set-up <script type='text/javascript'>/* You can setup your validations in the <head> of your site, but you can also add new validations after an Ajax request if you have evalScripts set to true */myValidations = { '.use A #CSSSelector' : { mandatory: true, validation:'date' }, 'orAnElementName' : { mandatory: false, validation: 'number' }, 'orAnElementId' :

Jscriptshell - A JScript interactive shell for the Windows Script Host

JScriptShell provides a simple way to run scripts in an interactive environment for testing, debugging or exploratory programming. JScriptShell is a copycat of the JavaScript shells from Mozilla (JavaScript Shell of SpiderMonkey and Rhino Shell) for Microsoft JScript and Windows Script Host. And all those shells are the JavaScript equivalent of Python's interactive prompt, the Lisp read-eval-print loop, or Ruby's irb. JScriptShell is written in JScript itself and run on Windows Script Host which

Maratones-ci4821 - Proyecto de operativos 2 sobre los maratones de programacion

Se pretende crear un Juez en Línea para el soporte de Maratones de Programación Distribuidos. En un maratón de programación participan equipos de tres estudiantes que deberán resolver la mayor cantidad de problemas, de un conjunto de problemas propuestos, durante 5 horas. Cada equipo cuenta con un computador. Una vez que un equipo termina un problema, debe enviarlo al JUEZ para que lo evalúe.

Jingo - Breaking Down the Barriers to Modular JavaScript Systems

Jingo provides similar functionality to the "import" features of Java and Python. If you'd like to skip the prose and go straight to the code you may want to try GettingStarted or the Jingo API Documentation. The Pains of Modular JavaScriptModular JavaScript architectures can be extremely difficult to maintain. Within each page, developers are forced to load all direct and transitive dependencies by hard-coding a script tag for each module in transitive dependency order. Developer reactions to t