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Euler is an inference engine supporting logic based proofs. It is a backward-chaining reasoner enhanced with Euler path detection. The Euler path detection is roughly quot;don't step in your own stepsquot; to avoid vicious circles so to speak and in that respect there is a similarity with what Leonhard Euler discovered in 1736 for the Kouml;nigsberg Bridge Problem [1]. The current reasoning engine is EYE [2]. The reasoning that EYE is performing is grounded in FOL (First Order Logic). Keeping a language less powerful than FOL is quite reasonable within an application, but not for the Web [3]. Via N3 [4] it is interoperable with W3C Cwm [5]. [1] [2] [3] [4] [5]



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EulerMoz is an inference engine supporting logic based proofs based on EulerSharp project.