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A domain specific language for the specification of biological constructs. One can both specify the structure of the design (its basic elements) as well composites of basic elements. A system of rules for part composition is also provided.



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Sizurplayground - Because coding can be fun

We use this place to share random pieces of code, small projects and most importantly our experience in becoming a better software developer. Here's what we have done and are working on so far: A four-in-a-row game in Haskell by Eugene and in Java by Lin.

Smart Sendmail Filters

Sendmail anti-spam milters by Eugene Kurmanin

Tidjango - TiDjango

TI_Eugene's Django projects Справочники 1С:Сервер Coding Style HIG Rights DoxGen

Protocal - protoCal - Calendar, based on Prototype JavaScript framework

protoCal - Calendar, based on Prototype JavaScript framework (c) 2007-2009 Eugene Cheltsov Requirements: 1) Prototype framework version 1.6 and later 2) scriptaculous.js v1.8.1 and later

Wordpress-malagasy - This is an attempt to translate Wordpress in Malagasy

Wordpress MalagasyIty tetikasa ity dia natao indrindra mba hifanampiana ho an'ireo izay mampiasa ny Wordpress. Azo atao ny mifampizara traikefa eo amin'ny DikanTeny (Translation) EndriTakelaka (Theme) PlugIns Koa izay vonona handray dia afaka mampilaza @ adiresy Wordpress in MalagasyYou are encouraged to join this project. This project consists mainly in translating the famous Wordpress but also creating some plugins and add-ons that would be used by Malagasy bloggers

Jquery-checkbox - Custom css styled checkboxes (and radio buttons, too)

jQuery custom styled checkboxAbout pluginA replacement for the standard checkbox that allows you to change the look of checkbox elements in your page. Featuresonly inline elements used, just like default checkoxes cross-browser look and feel (tested in IE6, IE7, IE8, Firefox and Chrome engines) work with radio buttons too supports inline and jQuery attached click events supports "label hovering": when you point over parent label element, it will highlight its checkbox (thanks to Eugene for the i

Windows Phone Tic Tac Toe

"Tic Tac Toe" ("Noughts and Crosses") game created by EugeneDotnet for Windows Phone. You can find a tutorial at in Windows Phone 7 Lessons section.

Maestro-platform - A scalable control platform writen in Java which supports OpenFlow switches

Maestro is an "operating system" for orchestrating network control applications. Maestro provides interfaces for implementing modular network control applications to access and modify state of the network, and coordinate their interactions. Maestro is a platform for achieving automatic and programmatic network control functions using these modularized applications. Although this project focuses on building an OpenFlow controller using Maestro, Maestro is not only limited to OpenFlow networks. Th

Wpmu-joomla-users-login - Login into Wordpress MU using Joomla 1.0.13 users

Open, based on a plugin by Eugene Heriniaina AKA Hery. Great plugin, I didn't know him tho. His site is: Thanks a lot to DiegoH and JoVi, thanks to them this coding hell is over. Couple of issues to consider: - Since version 1.0.13 of Joomla there's a new hash for login processes. We based on an md5 check used for new users in joomla in the joomla.php login function... - on the admin page in WPMU (Panel- Options- Mysql Auth) you will want to spec

Ponomar - Ponomar is a fully functional computer suite for the Orthodox Church

Ponomar is a fully functional computer suite for the Orthodox Church. Ponomar's features include: A calendar with menologion for any day of any year A listing of saints and Scripture reading for that day A complete text of the Orthodox canon of Scripture in English, Slavonic, Greek, Latin, and other languages Patristic commentary on the scriptural text A configurable assembler of any service for that day A wide choice of service texts in different languages An extensive musical library, with dif