Evapotranspiration Toolkit

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A toolkit for the estimation of daily Potential Evapotranspiration (ETo) based on FAO Penman-Monteith equation independent on available data or file format.




Related Projects

Marmites - Unsaturated zone model coupled with MODFLOW

DESCRIPTIONMARMITES is a a transient and distributed model of the unsaturated zone that is coupled with the groundwater model MODFLOW. The hydrological processes included in MARMITES are interception, evapotranspiration, runoff, surface storage, infiltration, percolation and soil moisture storage. MARMITES solves the water balance on a daily basis in the unsaturated zone using lumped-parameters and simple relationships between fluxes and soil moisture. The unsaturated zone is discretised into an

Mssa - Multilingual Semantic Search Assistant

Project aiming to develop a search assistant (development by FAO).

Nimbus-app - An implementation of Goldratt's Evaporating Cloud in the Java programming language

This is an implementation of Goldratt's Evaporating Cloud in the Java programming language. It was created using the NetBeans Integrated Development environment and utilizes the Swing toolkit for its GUI.

Evaporative-cooling - Evaporative Cooling Feature Selection for Genetic Association Studies

IntroductionEvaporative cooling (EC) feature selection is a command-line data mining software implementation in Java and Fortran for filtering genetic association data. EC integrates Random Forests and Relief-F attribute importance measures in order to balance independent and interaction effects while removing attributes that are irrelevant to the phenotype. EC has been tested on single-nucleotide polymorphism (SNP) data. For those with access to a cluster, the parallel version of EC will be rel


Vamps is a tool to help backing up DVDs: Vamps evaporates DVD compliant MPEG2 program streams by selectively copying audio and subpicture tracks and by re-quantizing the video stream. Shrink ratio may be based on video only or on the full PS.

Gain-tool - Genetic Association Interaction Network (GAIN) tool

GAIN is based on interaction information between three attributes; in this case, between two single nucleotide polymporphisms (SNPs) and a class or phenotype attribute. Interaction information is the gain in phenotype information obtained by considering SNP A and SNP B jointly beyond the phenotype information that would be gained by considering SNPs A and B independently. Thus, each edge in a GAIN represents the increase in information about the phenotype achieved by considering the two SNPs joi

Metmaker-org - Organizations metamaker

Metadata tool developed to help describe organizations.

Daisy-model - A soil plant atmosphere system model

DaisyIf you are new here, you may want to start reading our short overview of Daisy and then maybe the page about getting started. Scientists may then proceed to our page with scientific descriptions of the model, while people who work on Danish environmental applications may proceed to the Danish language page about standardized use for environmental permits. You can fetch the latest development version of Daisy by following the link in the Featured Downloads box to the right. You can get other

Pollination - Pollination Information Management System

The Pollination Information Management System, (PIMS) is being developed through a collaboration between FAO and a number of national level organizations concerned with the conservation and sustainable use of pollination services for sustainable agriculture. The PIMS serves to organize and deliver accurate information on managing pollination services of key crops, globally, to farmers, farm advisors and land managers.